On Saturday and Sunday, Herkimer College held its 40th Premier Arts and Crafts Fair of the Mohawk Valley. I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning so I could check the vendors out. As I strolled on into the Robert McLaughlin College Center, my nose was immediately filled with several aromas. Between maple, cinnamon, and kettle corn, I couldn’t decide which one was my favorite. There were candles, trinkets, blankets, wood art, stained glass, paintings, jewelry and so much more! I was stunned to see the creativity of others and how unique each individual piece of art was. There was one specific piece of handmade jewelry that caught my eye; it was a sterling silver bangle with turquoise charms. I’ve always been interested with anything that contains turquoise since it happens to be my favorite color.

The fall semester is ending at rapid pace, next week is already Thanksgiving break and after that, only a few weeks remain. This past week, the registration for spring semester classes opened. At first, I was a bit confused on how to register and what courses I needed to take but after a couple meetings with my academic advisor I was confident in the courses I chose. One class I’m beyond excited about is Astronomy. Since middle school, I’ve had a major interest in Astronomy. Sometimes I would sit outside at night and look at the stars and try my hardest to find specific constellations without any help from google. Being a photographer, I’ve taken some beautiful photos of the Milky Way Galaxy right from the comfort of my backyard. I was astounded at the detail I could capture. After some quick editing, the photo looked incredible!

Ever since I moved into Campus Meadows I’ve wanted to be an RA (Resident Assistant). An RA is a student leader, they keep order, serve as a resource to residents, organize events, and generally work to keep a positive living and learning community. Over the past few weeks, I put a lot of thought on the idea of being an RA. I filled out the application, received a letter of recommendation from my Interpersonal Communications teacher, Ms. Landry-Pitcher and the Dean of Students, Dr. Hawes. I couldn’t be more appreciative of both of them. I hope I receive the position as I know I will be very dedicated. Wish me luck!


Check back next week as I share some of my first year experiences with you!

– Christian Hurtado

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