Let's go, Generals!

For a while now I haven’t been feeling well. I generally don’t like any type of health care office so I kept avoiding seeing a doctor. This past weekend my illness progressed rapidly and I couldn’t bare with the migraines, back pain, and congestion. On Monday, I made my way to Basset Convenient Care, which isn’t far from campus. Sitting in the waiting room gave me anxiety and I just wanted to know what was wrong as quick as possible. I finally got called in by the doctor and I found out that I have a sinus infection. I’m just happy that I made the decision to go when I did because I’m not sure what would’ve happened if I waited any longer.

As a part of the work-study program, students are required to attend at least one Professional Development workshop during the semester. Wednesday night I attended my second workshop titled “Bringing in the Bystander”. I was brought up to mind my business and not get involved if something was happening right in front of me. However, this workshop taught me the importance of bystander intervention and the many ways to intervene in a situation safely.

This weekend Herkimer College is holding the 40th Premier Arts and Crafts fair of the Mohawk Valley. I absolutely love art and I cannot wait to be astounded by the creativity and uniqueness of the vendors that will fill our college. If there is one thing that I do have passion for, it’s art!

I’d like to end this week’s blog by formally congratulating Herkimer College’s Men’s Soccer team. They worked their butts off and made it all the way to Nationals! On Thursday afternoon, they remain undefeated as they won the first game in the Nationals tournament. Sunday is the championship game and I have faith that they will be victorious! Let’s go Generals!

Check back next week as I share my first-year experiences with you! - Christian Hurtado

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