Mocktails and Snow!

On campus we have a lot of fun. There’s always something to do or an event taking place! For example, this past week the college held an Alcohol Awareness Fair. Students from many clubs, such as the Criminal Justice, Anime, and Student Government (to name a few) created “mocktails,'' or cocktails without the alcohol. Each club set up a table in the upper lobby of the Robert Mclaughlin College Center where they served their signature mocktails. Each club was judged on the display of their table, the taste of their mocktail, and a message on alcohol awareness. My group, Student Government, used fresh fruit such as kiwi, watermelon, and pineapple to create a signature mocktail, and in my opinion, it was by far the best tasting, but unfortunately we did not win.

 It seems as if every day keeps getting colder and colder on-campus. The leaves are swiftly diminishing from the trees. Fall weather is here and there’s no doubt about it! However, it is exciting because it feels like winter is right around the corner! The weather forecast called for one to three inches of snow on Thursday and I can’t even express how much the entire campus dreaded the news. As Thursday quickly approached, everyone was preparing for the snow. It may not seem like that much snow but it was very unexpected, giving that it was record temperatures last week. As I woke up Thursday morning for my 8 am class, I looked outside and didn't see anything. I was quite disappointed but by the time I opened the door to leave, my mood immediately changed as I saw huge snow flakes. I was pretty upset considering that I had to go back in my room and change my jacket and shoes.

 This weekend is filled with two major Halloween celebrations. To kick off the weekend, on Friday night Herkimer College is hosting a “Haunted Walk”. It will take place on our nature trail behind Wehrum Stadium. There will definitely be a lot of screams going on! Although I am easily afraid, it won’t stop me from going and being part of the fun! I will definitely be there! It’s times like these that make for great college experiences that and memories that will last me a lifetime.  Our BLSU (Black & Latino Student Union) is holding a dance party in Alumni Hall and I’m predicting the outcome will be huge. There’s been a lot of hype and buzz around campus for the event. Rumor is that the BLSU students are even going to have a flash mob. Make sure to check in next week to hear more about it...Life on the Hill is full of new adventures, even if it involves SNOW in October!


Christian Hurtado

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