Let's go, Generals!

It’s the second week of school and things are finally moving along. I’ve found out where all my classes are located, I bought my textbooks and I understand what is to be expected in my new courses. Last semester I found myself forgetting due dates for projects and papers but with just a quick glance at my syllabus, I’m back on track. It’s the little things about the teachers here at Herkimer College that I appreciate, such as typing up due dates and attaching them to the syllabus for the course is very helpful. Although,I have also witnessed teachers going as far as typing up the homework for each week of the semester along with its due dates. All the time and effort they put in to do this is very helpful.

This semester I’m taking a Physical Education course (PE136 to be exact). This course involves the use of the Fitness Center that is located on campus in the PE building. This past week I’ve been in the Fitness Center multiple times and running the track above the Rec Gym. I am beyond sore at this point but I know it will be well worth it in the end.

The café on campus continues to blow me away each day with new selections of meals to choose from. There is more of a variety and I am loving it. The cafeteria employees do a great job with taking student’s concerns and suggestions into consideration. Especially since I love to eat, the new food entices me.

On campus, we have a BLSU (Black Latino Student Union) dance team. I’ve had the privilege to not only attend many rehearsals but also live performances by the team. On Wednesday, the men’s varsity basketball team played against our rivals, Mohawk Valley. The BLSU dance team was set to perform during halftime and I couldn’t believe the amount of energy and support the team had in the bleachers. Not only from our own Herkimer students but even Mohawk Valley students were cheering us on as well. The dance team did an absolute phenomenal job and kudos to them! Also, I would like to congratulate our very own Herkimer Generals for taking the win against Mohawk Valley! Great job boys!


Check back next week as I share my first-year experiences with you! – Christian Hurtado

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