Exciting times!

This week has been beyond hectic and very traumatizing. On Wednesday I left my dorm in Campus Meadows for about 10 minutes to visit a friend across the street. We noticed the sound of trucks and flashing lights coming from beyond the window. Of course, anyone would be alerted by this and would want to check things out. We all left outside and I quickly realized that the fire department and police were at my dorm. Somehow my desk lamp overheated and started to spark which had ignited a fire inside severely damaging furniture and some of my personal belongings. I am grateful that the fire and damage was contained to my desk area. Thankfully no one was home when it happened nor was anyone hurt. Materials can always be replaced but people can not.

As new students are being accepted into Herkimer College, they should have something to look forward to. On April 19th, new students and their families will be able to attend Accepted Student Night which will be from 4pm to 6pm. It will be in Alumni Hall which is in the Robert McLaughlin College Center. The night will showcase the different clubs and organizations we have on our campus, financial aid and student account sessions will be held, athletic and intramural information will be accessible, and academic programs will also be available to learn about.

If you haven’t learned already, New York State is now offering a scholarship for free public college tuition.  It’s called the Excelsior Scholarship. It is not currently available to apply for but it will be starting in the fall of this year!  More information can be found at www.hesc.ny.gov or ask our Financial Aid Office. 



Check back next week as I share my first-year experiences with you! – Christian Hurtado

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