Settling In

As we move into the holiday season, students are beginning to get a bit festive. From what I hear from my peers, Christmas seems to be everyone’s favorite holiday.  It’s only been a few days into November and I have already heard Christmas music playing from my neighbor’s dorm. I can feel the joy surrounding the campus as Thanksgiving and Christmas get closer. Many students have been suggesting that the café staff should serve more comfort food that is relevant to the holiday season, such as turkey and mashed potatoes. Lo and behold, it happened! I wasn’t surprised to hear that my peers loved it, as did I!

Regularly, our Student Activities Committee sponsors recreational events that generally take place in the Robert McLaughlin College Center upper lobby. This past Tuesday, we played an interactive game called “Think Fast”. Contestants answered a series of multiple-choice questions as well as singing and debate competitions using a remote. The winner of each category went on to the championship round where the grand prize was $200!! I took a moment to look around while I was playing, just to see everyone in deep concentration!  You could tell that everyone wanted the $200. 

Just a few weeks until my first semester ends, it’s bittersweet to know that I will have completed my first semester of college. I look back at move-in day to where I am now. I feel as if I’ve grown, the thought of living on my own initially scared me but now I have realized how much it has taught me. Time management, budgeting, and even my eating habits have changed while living on my own. I am glad with the decision I made to live on campus this semester. 

With the upcoming election taking place in just a few days, Herkimer College has done everything in their power to advertise the importance of voting. We’ve had voter registration take place on campus, flyers posted, and emails sent out to the students. Many times I have sat down with friends and had friendly conversations about our presidential candidates and why it is important to vote. Please don’t forget to make your decision and vote on November 8th!


Check back next week as I share my first-year experiences with you!

- Christian Hurtado"

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