Spring is here!

Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope everyone enjoyed it and had lots of fun! Unfortunately, my plans during break had to be cancelled due to some intense weather conditions. We had nearly 3 feet of snow fall in one day in my area! Unbelievable, right? In some parts of the state it was worse and some people were saying they haven’t seen that much snow since the blizzard of ‘93! However, I wouldn’t know considering I wasn’t born until ‘99.

Time is really moving fast here on campus as we only have 8 weeks left of school. Just before break, most students on campus had midterms to take and there were many people in the library trying to finish papers, study for exams, or even completing projects. It’s also even more hectic when finals week comes around in May.

This Saturday is Open House for the next fall semester. Open House is where prospective students and parents come and take a tour of the campus and classes and check out what Herkimer College life is all about. When it comes to the housing portion of the tour, it is up to us RA’s to give the students and parents a tour of the dorms and answer any questions and concerns that one may have.

For a while now I was considering joining the Track & Field team here at Herkimer College but I wasn’t positive if I really wanted to. I have never been on any kind of athletic team in my entire life so it was a little nerve-wracking. My friend had told me to speak to the coach and just ask a few questions and surprisingly I was recruited the same day! So, I’m proud to announce that I am officially a Herkimer General!


Check back next week as I share my first-year experiences with you! – Christian Hurtado

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