These past two weeks have been a bit stressful yet rewarding; I was bombarded with final projects and research papers. Although, on a happier note, Thanksgiving break was here and it was time for us to go home. I haven’t been home since move-in day back in August. However, this year I decided to switch things up and go home with my friend Kameron. It was quite the experience to see someone else’s family traditions. One major tradition that Kameron’s family follows every year is that the Sunday after Thanksgiving they go out to a tree farm and pick their family Christmas tree. I’ve never had a live tree so going to a tree farm was a new experience for me. The aromas of evergreens and blue spruces filled my nose as we walked through aisles of trees; I loved every second of it.

This year, I am thankful for many things. First and foremost, I’m thankful that Herkimer College accepted me. Ever since I moved on campus I have been offered opportunities that I couldn’t turn down and I couldn’t be more grateful. Second, I’m thankful for the friends that I have made at college and the bonds I have built. They say that the friendships you make in college are the ones that will last a lifetime and I can honestly say that I feel like I’ve made a few already. Last but not least, I am thankful for having such a loving and supportive family, especially my mother. Nothing is possible without my mother and I love her to the moon and back.

Now that the semester is coming to an end and finals are just around the corner, campus life has slowed down. I’ve noticed that there are more people in the library studying and working on projects and final papers. In just two weeks, I will be able to say that I made it through my first semester in college. The thought of finishing the first semester brings me joy. I’m very proud of myself and I’m sure there are many people on campus that could say the same. There have been so many things I have learned and opportunities that I have been given. I can’t believe, just a few months ago, I was a senior at Pine Bush High School and now I’m a freshman senator on student government, a blogger, and a proud student of Herkimer College.


Check back next week as I share my first-year experiences with you!

Christian Hurtado

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