Get outdoors!

What a great week it has been! The snow has melted, the temperature was in the 60's, and the sun is shining. It doesn’t feel like winter at all and I’m loving it! I just hope this weather continues because I’m honestly tired of the snow.

With the nicer weather, a few of my friends and I have been considering a hike. Herkimer College is surrounded by many trails, so it’s a bit hard to choose from. We have a nature center on campus which is used as an outdoor laboratory for some of our science classes, but is also available for the community to enjoy. The Lloyd and Carol Bull Nature Center provides a diversity of outdoor activities, including hiking on the Interpretive Trail.

One of the many tasks as an RA is to create weekend programs. Weekend programs ensure that the students on campus have something to do. They can consist of anything DIY, game nights, bingo, etc. I am scheduled to host a program this Saturday, which will be my second program this semester. My first one had a surprising large turnout, so let’s hope for the same this Saturday!

This weekend is going to be filled with visitors. Many people I know are bringing a friend or family member to Herkimer College to spend the weekend. We do have a guest policy in which guests are only allowed to stay 2 consecutive nights and at most 5 nights total per month.  They must also sign in with the Housing Office or Campus Security.


Check back next week as I share my first-year experiences with you! – Christian Hurtado

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