Christian Hurtado

Christian Hurtado

Hello there! Welcome to Herkimer College's Student Blog. Before I get into anything, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Christian Hurtado. I'm a 17-year-old Communication Arts/New Media major from Goshen, NY. I also have a deep passion for photography. (You'll be seeing a lot of my photos on here.) Recently, I was elected as a Freshman Senator for the Student Government Association here at Herkimer College. When I heard the news I was ridiculously excited and now I have decided to run for Vice President… Wish me luck!

In college, the sky's the limit. But when it comes to deciding what college is best for you, it all starts with choosing the right fit. Choosing a college during my high school career was probably one of the most complicated and hardest decisions I've made in my entire life. There were of course a few factors that played into my decision. Location, programs, housing, and of course affordability. After doing some research, I found Herkimer College and it was the perfect fit that fulfilled my needs and wants. So the question you are probably asking me, is how did I get there?

In April when I went to visit the campus, the first to catch my eye was the view! The way the sun's rays hit the mountains gave the campus a sense of serenity. The staff was extremely nice to me and my academic advisor Prof. Pitcher was more than helpful in helping me choose my courses for the fall semester. After visiting campus, I realized that Herkimer was the college for me. Over the next few months the time flew by and move-in-day was here!  

The best part about move-in day was the feeling of independence I got as I was settling in my dorm in Campus Meadows. It’s a day I’ll never forget. My mother had only one request; to make my bed then everything else was up to me. Later that day my roommates moved in and much to my surprise, we created a bond within minutes! We get along pretty well, (of course there will be some bumps in the road) but hey,  that's life. Living in Campus Meadows is fun, there's always something going on and someone talk too. Take a step outside and you're bound to end up in a conversation. It's almost rare that I don't find someone with something in common with me.

This is Christian Hurtado. I look forward to sharing my first-year experience with you. 

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