Winter Wonderland

Now that I am a Resident Assistant, I have very important tasks to fulfill and this past week was rather interesting. The New York State Fire Marshall came to our campus to do his routine fire inspections earlier this week. RA’s were given the tasks to search every apartment for items that could, and would, be a fire code violation and give out notices. Some fire code violations include the use of extension cords, blockage of windows and doors, and even the use of tapestries and flags on walls. If we found extension cords, flags, or tapestries, we had to confiscate them. I guarantee you we don’t like to take stuff away from residents, but it is in the best interest not only for the student, but the campus as well. The Fire Marshall has the right to give out tickets if he found anything that was a fire violation. Tickets could be up to $1500 and I sure don’t have that type of money.

One great feature about our Herkimer College ID cards is that there are many ways we can use it, both on and off campus. With our ID cards, we can go off campus to a variety of stores in the surrounding area and pay for things such as food and gas. My favorite place that I love to use my card is Subway. When you’re hungry you can’t go wrong with a foot long, right?

With the way the weather fluctuates its sometimes confusing to know what to wear. I find myself checking the weather more than I usually would back home. Recently the weather has been a lot nicer than normal, in the upper 40’s, but these past few days have been unbearably cold.  The temperature has dropped to single digits and it feeleven worse with the wind. We’ve also had lots of snow along with it.  At times it gets annoying, but I can say it’s a beautiful sight to see.  There is something about weather and landscapes that intrigues me - the way the snow falls on the trees and the mountains is gorgeous. Here are a couple of pictures to enjoy!

Check back next week as I share my first-year experiences with you! - Christian

 Winter tree campus sign

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