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Billing, Tuition Payment, and Student Accounts

The Student Accounts Office is in charge of all College billing functions and student accounts. Anything related to payment of tuition, fees, or campus housing charges should be handled through this office. The Student Accounts Office is also responsible for the collection of New York State Certificates of Residence, as well as disbursement of financial aid funds.

For your convenience, we strive to allow parents and students to access as many Student Accounts Office functions as possible online. Students are encouraged to use the web self-service tool to access their account to review their account summary, review holds, and obtain various information related to their student accounts.

If you have a question, you might be able to save a trip or call to our office by checking out our Frequently Asked Questions or common topics of inquiry, like Tuition and Fees, Financial Aid Overage ChecksEffects of Withdrawal, Forms, Generals Cash Card, Meal Plan Info, Explanation of Fees and Tuition Payment Plans.

You can also pay your tuition online or determine your college costs with our SUNY Net Price Cost Calculator.

If you’ve reviewed our web pages but still have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us by visiting RMCC 216, calling 315-866-0300 x8315, or request information. If you need to fax something, that number is 315-866-5497. We look forward to helping you.

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