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Refunds of Tuition

Students who follow the college withdrawal procedure found in the college catalog may receive a full or partial refund of tuition depending on the date of withdrawal. Student accounts are reviewed after the drop period (census date), and refunds may be issued within 7-10 business days after conclusion of the drop period.

Fall & Spring Semester

Date of WithdrawalPercentage of Refund
Prior to the first class 100%
During the first week of classes 75%
During the second week of classes 50%
During the third week of classes 25%
After the third week of classes 0%

Winter 2015 Refund Schedule

 Dates of Class

Date of Withdrawal

Percentage of Refund

January 5-January 21, 2015

  Prior to January 5, 2015

  January 5, 2015

  January 6, 2015 or later