International Services

Herkimer College is ranked among the top 100 community colleges in the United States for student success as a result of our impressively high graduation and transfer rates. One way we help to ensure student success is by offering a strong collection of support services for our students.

International students have access to a number of students that can help as they pursue their education abroad, including:


International scholarships and other small scholarships from school are available to eligible international students every year.


Free airport and train station pick-up service is provided to new incoming students.

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International students facing difficulties with language are provided help with conversation and translation.


Immigration advising and preparation of immigration documents are done by international office.


Transfer counselors at school helps students to transfer to the school of their choice in New York and around the United States.


Career services counselor at school helps to assist in all aspects of your job search.

Bus Rides

Free shuttle bus service between Herkimer College and the Village of Herkimer is available during the day. Students are required to show their school ID before entering into the bus.

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Academic departments assist in internship placement.


Housing Office helps you to locate a place to live on campus.

Honorary Club

Herkimer College hosts a chapter of the International Honor Society Phi Theta Kappa, which is a great resource for qualified students to be eligible for various scholarships.

Meal Plans

Cafeteria is located on campus with the availability of meal plans for students.


Many exciting activities in which students like to participate keeps happening on-campus. Also, there is a radio and television station located on the Herkimer College campus that is operated by its students.


Academic Support Center provides free service to students in their courses. Tutoring is available for almost all the major courses available at Herkimer College


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