Health Insurance for International Students

It’s important for international students to know that the American health care system may be very different from the system in their own country. In the United States, purchasing health insurance is certainly worth the price because the cost of health care has become prohibitively high. We strongly recommend all students procure health insurance as soon as they enter the country.

Health insurance gives students and parents peace-of-mind, reduces health and safety risks, prevents the student from incurring devastatingly large medical charges, and ensuring the student has reliable access to quality medical care.

We recommend Liaison International as an insurance provider for our students. This insurance is developed especially for Herkimer College international students and their eligible dependents. It is very easy to buy online and you will be insured instantly. Click here to get a free estimate or buy now.

Many students need treatment for an illness or injury that requires hospitalization, surgery, or specialty care. The resulting large medical bills can, and often do, interfere with meeting educational and career goals.

If you would like additional assistance or information regarding medical insurance, please submit a request information form.

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