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Acquisitions - Book Purchasing

Faculty members are encouraged to recommend titles in their respective disciplines, through their subject liaison Librarians. To find book titles, search through Books in Print with Reviews, or WorldCAT databases, accessible on the Library’s databases page. You can send email, paper brochures marked up, web page printouts, etc. to your liaison Librarian with book requests or use the Library Suggestion Box

Current liaisons are Valerie Prescott for Social Science faculty and Stephanie Conley for Humanities faculty.

Audio-visual purchases are completed through your Division by preparing a purchase requisition form, with approval from the Associate Dean. The form is then sent to the Library for item purchase and processing. When the material has arrived, we recommend that you review it before presenting it to your class. Instructional media is only checked out to faculty. A room in the Library is also available for students to view videos that you assign. It is open on a first come, first served basis.

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