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Faculty/Staff Lounge

Your library has set up a Faculty/Staff lounge: A computer, some couches, a desk, a window, whiteboard, bubbles, Xmas lights.. and we’re still adding to it. Please come use it; first come first served. We’re not scheduling it for meetings nor staffing it as a student space. This is for you, to hang out, strike up conversations, escape your official office for a little while, or whatnot. Call it an experiment in enjoying each other as educated human beings, call it a friendship building mechanism, or call it a quiet retreat from the day. How you use it determines what it becomes, and we’re curious to see what it becomes. So please stop by the library, have a look, and maybe bring a friend along too. And as always, please let us know what you love and hate about it. We’re always trying to adapt to your needs, thanks!

  1. While the door will be locked and closed when you first get here, any librarian should be happy to unlock it for you. Please ask!
  2. While you’re using the lounge, please let other faculty use it too.  The room can hold up to 6 or 7 people comfortably. 
  3. Make use of the stuff in there! Make calls, use the computer, draw on the whiteboard, blow bubbles, whatever. Just employ camping rules: Leave the room as you found it, and thanks!
  4. The library has done a little bit to decorate the room and make it fun.  If you want to add things, that’s awesome.  
  5. The intention of the room is a place for faculty to relax, get work done outside of their office, hang out and get to know each other, etc. Therefore, we are not going to schedule this room for meetings nor leave it open for student use. However, the Library has other rooms that can be used for meetings and we would love to have you use them! Please ask a Librarian for further information on availability and scheduling.
  6. If you’re the last person out, make sure all the lights are off and the door closes and locks behind you.

Please use this space! We’re considering getting an additional newspaper subscription for this room, possibly buying a coffee maker for it, etc. How and how much it gets used will determine how much extra support we give it. Thanks!

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