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Evaluating Web Pages

Why Evaluate Web Pages?

Anyone can publish on the web 
There is no fully developed standard to ensure quality 
Web pages can disappear without any notice 
Search engines can retrieve pages out of context

How to Evaluate Web Pages?

Criteria Questions to Ask :

Is the author’s/sponsor’s name clearly listed with the qualifications? 
Is the contact information given? 
Where is the page published? 
Who is the copyright holder 

Are there any typographical, grammatical, or spelling errors? 
Are there editors or fact checkers? 
Are information sources clearly listed? 
Is the statistical data clearly labeled and easy to read? 

What is the goal of the author or sponsor? 
Is the information presented with a minimum bias? 
Is the information intended as a public service? 
Is the advertising clearly delineated from the informational content? 

Are the following dates given: 
date the page was written 
date the page was published 
date the page was last revised 
Are the links up-to-date? 
If it’s statistical data, is the collection date given? 
If the information is published in different editions, is the edition number of the printed work clearly stated? 

Is it clear whether the page has been completed, or is still under construction? 
What topics are covered? 
Is it clear if the entire printed work is available on the web or only parts of it? 
Are links evaluated and do they complement the theme of the document? 

For full information on how to evaluate different types of web pages including advocacy (.org), business (.com), informational (.edu/.gov), news (.com), and personal pages, please go to the web site of Wolfgram Memorial Library of Widener University

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