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How to Interpret Article Citations

The article citation provides much valuable information. It contains the author, title of article, title of journal, page numbers, year that article was published.
Here are some examples:

  1. Using the Humanities Index, this citation was listed. Once you read the citation, the next step is to find the journal Hudson Review to read the entire article.
    “Given the Gift of Time” [Review essay] R. S. Gwynn. Hudson Review v62 no1 p138-46 Spr 2009
    Author: R. S. Gwynn
    Title: Given the Gift of Time [Review essay]
    Journal: Hudson Review
    Volume 62
    Issue 1
    Pages 138-146
    Spring 2009
  2. Using the database Academic Search Complete this citation was listed. It is not available full-text online. There are two options: see if our library has the volume and issue of Journal of Child Psychotherapy; or place an Interlibrary Loan request.
    Adolescence and mythology By: Anastasopoulos, Dimitris; Soumaki, Eugenia; Anagnostopoulos, Dimitris. Journal of Child Psychotherapy, Aug2010, Vol. 36 Issue 2, p119-132, 14p; DOI: 10.1080/0075417X.2010.495023; (AN 52444986)
    Author: Anastasopoulos, Dimitris; Soumaki, Eugenia; Anagnostopoulos, Dimitris
    Title: Adolescence and mythology
    Journal: Journal of Child Psychotherapy
    Volume 36
    Issue 2
    Pages 119-132 (14 pages)
    August 2010
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