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Assessment of Student Learning

Assessment is a systematic on-going process by which the institution, its administration, faculty and staff collaborate to improve outcomes for every area of the College. Student Learning Outcomes are targeted and assessed as a primary focus in determining the level of success achieved by the college. Faculty gather data that reveals the efficacy of teaching methods and techniques through direct and indirect assessment measures that are documented, disseminated to constituencies and evaluated for the purpose of improving teaching, such that it results in greater achievement of student learning outcomes.

Mission Statement

Academic Affairs and the Office of Institutional Research will collaborate with the teaching faculty to provide meaningful, on-going assessment of student learning at the course, program and institutional level. Herkimer College views academic assessment as a faculty-driven process with the goal of continuously improving teaching and learning. All assessment activities will support Herkimer College's mission and core values.

Student Learning Goals

  • Strengthen the faculty's knowledge and understanding of assessment and data utilization to promote collegial collaboration in continuously improving student learning outcomes and course objectives.
  • Define and operationalize student learning outcomes in an observable manner in courses and programs in accordance with the Herkimer College Mission Statement.
  • Collect, collate, analyze, present and use data to improve pedagogy and the development and refinement of reliable and valid rubrics.
  • Establish and maintain a system of accountability in which data is shared with stakeholders.
  • Recognize and reward innovative assessment techniques.

Expectations for Fostering a Culture of Assessment

The Academic Assessment Committee will propose elegant, simple and reasonable assessment practices such that they may be carried out by faculty, staff and administrators on an on-going basis.

The faculty, staff and administration will use the information compiled regarding student learning outcomes to better themselves and the quality of an education at Herkimer College.

The SLO (Student Learning Outcomes) assessment results will not be used as evaluation measures for faculty promotion and tenure, but will be used by faculty for self-improvement and enhancing course content, thus creating an ever improving learning environment.

Assessment results, though available to campus officials for purposes of reporting to MSCHE and for institutional effectiveness, will be maintained by individual faculty and the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs.

General Education Assessment will continue to be maintained in accordance with SUNY requirements.

Assessment achievements in practices and creativity will be celebrated and rewarded.

Assessment of Student Learning Committee Members

  • Mary Ann Carroll, Associate Professor of Radio-TV Broadcasting, Committee Co-Chair
  • Eric Vernold, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
  • Alan Cronauer, Associate Professor of Business
  • Jennifer Herzog, Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Michelle List, Instructor of Early Childhood Education
  • William Pelz, Professor of Social Sciences
  • Dr. Mark Polkosnik, Assistant Professor of Business/Paralegal
  • Kathleen Stables, Instructor of Criminal Justice
  • Dr. Catherine Delorme, Associate Professor of Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Karen Ayouch, Director of Institutional Research



Contact: MaryAnn Carroll, studentlearning@herkimer.edu