Strategic Plan

Mapping Our Future: Herkimer College Strategic Plan 2013 - 2018

During the 2009-2010 Academic Year, the College underwent a rigorous strategic planning process. The result of that process was the creation of strategic Goals, Objectives and Action Steps along with key performance measures to create the Herkimer College Strategic Plan, “Mapping our Future.” It is a five-year plan that outlines a shared vision for the future of the College and reaffirms our purpose in the face of challenging economic times and changing student demographics. The plan recognizes the importance of remaining current with operational, educational and emerging workforce technologies, and reflects the cooperative synergy of all areas of the College (integration of services, cross-pollination of initiatives, efficient use of facilities, and development of a flexible, multi-skilled staff).

The identification of core values was a critical piece in building a solid foundation for our new strategic plan. New mission and vision statements were also constructed and approved by the campus (see below). This allowed us to determine our goals, set our objectives and choose action steps consistent with our core values and revised mission and vision statements.

“Mapping our Future” serves as a guide for decision making and resource planning. It is a living document that is assessed annually in order to identify tasks that have been completed, are in progress, or need to be realigned. It captures the vision and plans for the future of the College. We are grateful to all our campus members who worked diligently to come to consensus on what Herkimer must do to meet the challenges of the future while remaining true to its mission and vision. We are also grateful for our community partners, both public and private, who gave valuable time and critical thought in making suggestions to our plan.

Core Values

Community: To foster a collaborative campus environment that promotes civility, creativity, diversity, open communication, social responsibility, and mutual respect among students, faculty, staff, and the public

Excellence: To encourage all constituencies of the college community to pursue the highest standards of performance in their academic and professional work.

Integrity: To embrace the values of honesty, respect, consistency, diversity and responsibility, in order to provide fair and equal treatment for all.

Opportunity: To provide access to quality, affordable lifelong learning opportunities and to maintain an environment that fosters individual growth and development for all.

Mission Statement

The mission of Herkimer College is to serve our learners by providing high quality, accessible educational opportunities and services in response to the needs of the local and regional communities.

Vision Statement

Herkimer College will continue to be a highly respected teaching and learning institution whose academic excellence will be complemented by a rich offering of co-curricular programming, quality student services and distinction in athletics.

The College will continue to serve the post-secondary education needs of the community and be a key driver in regional economics, capitalizing on the potential of its partnerships and programs in current and emerging fields.

Herkimer College students will exceed expectations in programmatic outcomes, educational core competencies, and critical thinking skills in order to become productive citizens engaged in a global society.

Strategic Goals

Academic Programs & Support
Promote student success through relevant programs and support services within an enriched teaching and learning environment

Campus Life
Cultivate a campus environment that complements the academic mission, enhances student development, and provides broad social and educational experiences

Institutional Culture
Encourage and sustain a campus culture where the core values of the College are embraced, implemented and rewarded

Operational Sustainability
Enhance operational sustainability through creative planned growth

Outreach & Community Relations
Cultivate mutually beneficial relationships within the community and enhance the image of Herkimer College


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