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Scholarship List

AARP (American Association of Retired Persons)

An annual award to a freshman student graduating from a Herkimer County high school; residing in Herkimer County; and planning a career in a field that benefits senior citizens.

Albert J. and Rita E. Eichholzer Scholarship

$250 for an incoming freshman in the Radio-Television Broadcasting program.  Emphasis on academics and financial need.

Alumni Committee Scholarships

Minimum $500 awards given by the Herkimer College Alumni Association. Based on academic performance, contributions to the College, and financial need.  Freshman and graduating seniors are eligible.

Applegate, Bea & Pliny Memorial

Incoming freshman from Ilion High School. Winner is selected by Ilion High School.

Asselta Scholarship

Awards given to Accounting majors.

Bill & Joan McEvilly Memorial Endowment

Awards provided to students in the Radio-Television Broadcasting curriculum.

Broadcast Engineers Chapter 22, Inc. Scholarship

$500 scholarship award to a returning freshman enrolled in the Radio/Television Broadcasting curriculum.

Bryan Paul Rosa Scholarship

$250 scholarship to a graduating R/TV Broadcasting student, who loves music, is a genuine, dedicated individual who always strives to do their personal best, and who brings humor, laughter and wit to the classroom.

Bull Family Merit Scholarship Fund

Multiple awards to students enrolling in Business related curricula and demonstrating scholarly excellence. Eligible candidates must have graduated from a Herkimer County high school or from a high school located in a county adjoining Herkimer County. Preference given to Herkimer County high school graduates.

Claudio & Bettina Scialdo Memorial Scholarship

$150 awarded to a returning senior in any Business degree program who has demonstrated high academic achievement.

Cogar Foundation Scholarships

Five scholarships to freshmen who are graduates of Herkimer and Oneida County high schools and residents of one of those counties.

Constantine Panarites and Mary Panarites-Gaspar Scholarship

A minimum award of $250 to a full-time student pursuing a degree in American History with the intention of teaching.

Cosentino Fund Scholarships

Annual awards to students attending Herkimer College from the Mountt Markham Central School District.

Cristman Scholarship Fund

Awards to full-time freshmen students for use in the second year of study at Herkimer College.

Dana Lynn Castronovo Scholarship

Two awards for Travel and Tourism, one each to a freshman and a graduating senior. Based on extra-curricular service and a dedicated effort to do well.

D’Arcangelo & Co., CPA’s Accounting Scholarship

Awarded to a freshman accounting major with the highest first year GPA for use in the following academic year.

Dee Dee Deneski-Wolf Scholarship

An annual award to a freshman female enrolled in the Business curriculum, with a minimum 3.5 GPA.

Delta Kappa Gamma Educational Scholarship

$600 annual award to a graduating female transferring to a four-year program majoring in Education.

Donald J. Mitchell Family Scholarships

Awarded to freshmen from Congressman (Ret.) Mitchell’s district constituency to be used in the second year of study at Herkimer College. Based on demonstrated high school leadership and active involvement in the community. Academic promise is considered.

Donald L. and Kassendra L. Miller Social Services Scholarship

$500 award to a graduating senior in the Human Services or Social Services program.  Must be transferring into a social work program.  Preference to transfers to the College of Saint Rose.

Donald L. Miller and Kassendra L. Miller Scholarship

Awarded to a graduating senior transferring into a social services program.

Dr. Francis & Kathryn Menapace & Howard & Ruth Marquette Adult Student Scholarship

Awarded to a student in good standing with a 2.0 GPA or higher in their final semester of study. Special needs considered.

Dr. H. David Trautlein, Dean of the College, Emeritus, Scholarship

An annual award given to a full-time, second year student enrolled in a career program. Recipient must be a resident of New York State.

Dr. Ormond Drake Scholarship

$100 annual award to a first semester senior enrolled in the Radio-Television Broadcasting curriculum.


Awards given to Herkimer College students serving as peer tutors.

Faculty-Student Association Scholarships

Multiple awards given to students who demonstrate academic achievement and are actively involved in campus and/or community organizations or special events.

Foundation Tuition Scholarship Program

Full first-year, half second-year guaranteed tuition reimbursement awarded to students graduating in the top 15% of their high school class. Student must reside in and graduate from a high school located in Herkimer County. Use must begin the semester immediately following high school graduation. Renewable contingent upon maintaining eligibility. Further information may be obtained from Herkimer College Financial Aid or Herkimer County high school guidance offices.

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Frank A. Cancelino Memorial Scholarship

$100 to an incoming freshman from Herkimer or Frankfort high schools with a B average or better.

Frank J. Lawrence Memorial Scholarship

Award given to a student enrolled in the Criminal Justice program. Sponsored by the Little Falls Police Benevolent Association.

Futures in Science Scholarship

$100 award given to a matriculated Liberal Arts & Sciences: Science major.

George Sennett Memorial Scholarship

$250 award to a General Studies major demonstrating academic excellence, with an interest in math or public speaking.

Grace McLaughlin Scholarships

$500 awards to non-traditional students, preferably single parents. Based on academic performance, community and/or college service, and financial need.

Grace Sara Sugar Memorial Scholarship

$250 award to a Herkimer County resident planning a career in the medical profession. Minimum 2.5 GPA. Preference to Little Falls High School graduates.

Harold C. Luther Scholarship

$200 awarded to a second semester student in the Social Science/Human Service curriculum who demonstrates community service and plans to continue study in this field.

Harry W. Snyder Scholarship

Awarded to a PE major with preference to graduates of Little Falls High School and residents of Little Falls.

HCC Foundation Child Care Grants

Awarded to full or part-time students who are single parents and utilize the College’s Child Care Center.

Herkimer College Campus Safety

Annual award given to a Criminal Justice student.

Herkimer College Hope Scholarships

$500 awarded to 20 Herkimer County graduating high school seniors.

Herkimer College Professional Association Scholarship

One semesters tuition to a Cogar Foundation Scholarship award alternate.

Herkimer College Scholarship Committee Awards

Given at the discretion of the College Scholarship committee. The number and amount of awards varies annually.

Herkimer College Travel Club Scholarship

A $100 award to a Travel & Tourism student with preference given to those active in Travel Club. GPA greater than 2.999.

Herkimer County American Legion Scholarship

Awarded to a full-time student resident of Herkimer County completing one year of study at Herkimer College and showing promise of completing an associate degree program. Student’s actions should demonstrate a belief in the aims of the American Legion.

Hill Family Scholarship

Awarded to a second semester student to continue the second year at Herkimer College. Based on academic performance and college contributions.

Hummel Scholarships

Four $250 annual awards to freshmen studying in the Business Division. One recipient will have graduated from high school with less than an 85% average and shown significant improvement in college.

Jack Christenson Academic Prize

$100 awarded to a graduating senior. Must be a union member or the son, daughter, or spouse of a union member. Based on academic excellence.

Jean E. Stapleton Travel and Tourism Scholarship

$250 award to a first-year Travel and Tourism major demonstrating academic excellence.

Joan Johnston Memorial Scholarship

Annual award to an incoming freshman in Radio-Television Broadcasting, based on academic performance and financial need.

Joseph D. Leone Scholarship

$300 award given to a graduating senior transferring to a four-year baccalaureate program.  Preference given to a Herkimer County resident. Consideration given to a student with a physical or mental disability (not a learning disability).

Joseph P. DeLorenzo Scholarship

$250 award given to a current student or graduating senior with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, who shows leadership and humanitarian interests and displays kindness and compassion.

Kaiser Family Scholarship

Annual award in the amount of $500 to an incoming freshman student enrolled full-time in the Business Administration curriculum with plans to pursue a baccalaureate degree.

Kathleen Gallagher Memorial Scholarship

Annual award to a graduating senior studying Travel & Tourism. Based on academic achievement and financial need.

Leather-Stocking Envirothon Scholarship

A $100 award given to a recent high school graduate who participated in the Leather-Stocking Envirothon program and who is also enrolled in a Liberal Arts & Science program.

Lisa Mulligan Lavoie Memorial Scholarship

$250 award given to an adult, returning student majoring in Early Childhood or Liberal Arts and Sciences: Childhood Education with a minimum 3.0 grade point average. Preference given to a single parent planning to pursue a four-year degree in Education.

Lou Ambers Scholarship

Up to $500 awarded to a student based on academic performance.

Lynn “Pop” Walsh Memorial Scholarship

$100 award to an outstanding athlete.

M&T Bank Scholarship

Award to an incoming freshman or returning senior in a business related major. Must be a graduate of a Herkimer or Oneida County high school. Preference based on financial need.

Margaret T. Quackenbush Scholarship

One award up to $3,400 to a graduating senior transferring to a baccalaureate program.

Marianne Panko Scholarship

Award based on academic performance and campus activities. Preference given to a student active in the campus Dance Workshop.

Nicolas Paslow Memorial Scholarship

A $250 award to an incoming freshman student who is a graduate of the Herkimer County BOCES Career/Technical Education program. Must demonstrate financial need and academic promise.

NYS Federation of Home Bureaus Scholarships

Four awards: in honor of Kay Cookinham to a student in the Physical Therapist Assistant program; in memory of Windecker-Sharo-Bray to a Computer Science major; in honor of Ardythe Heiser to an Accounting or Computer Science student; and one award to a student studying in the Early Childhood program. Awarded by a committee of local Home Bureaus membership from candidates presented by the Herkimer College Financial Aid Office.

Officer Joseph D. Corr Memorial Scholarship

$500 award given to a graduating senior majoring in criminal justice and pursuing a career in law enforcement. Preference given to a student interested in baseball.

Patrick A. George Memorial Scholarship

$200 to a full-time freshman in the Physical Education program. Academic achievement and financial need considered.

Patty Gallagher Memorial Scholarship

$150 award given to a student who may have encountered family illness or parental loss and have financial need.  3.0 GPA or higher.

Polish Community Home, Inc. Scholarship

$500 award to a Herkimer County resident demonstrating financial need.

Progressive Club of Herkimer Scholarship

The Ada H. Root Scholarship is made annually to a senior who graduated from Herkimer High School.

Randall D. Button Memorial Scholarship

$100 award to a Herkimer County resident.  Preference given to an incoming student studying in the Small Business Management Certificate program.

RFC Scholarship

Up to $500 annually to a part-time Herkimer College student, 25 years of age or older, employed part-time, with a “C” or above average.

Richard Karpen, Jr., Memorial Fund Scholarship

$500 award to a graduating senior science student. Must be transferring to a baccalaureate program. Preference given to Herkimer High School graduate.

Rocco & Rose Fiato Family Scholarship

A $500 award to a Small Business Management student.

Ronald Jay Fuhrer Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a returning freshman with financial need.  Preference to a student athlete, any sport who makes a substantial contribution but has otherwise not received any special recognition.

Senator James H. Donovan Memorial Fund Scholarship

Awarded to a freshman student based on high school academic performance and active involvement in community affairs. Donovan Scholars must reside in Herkimer, Oneida or Lewis County.

Sharon Hughes Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a female senior at a Herkimer County high school. Based on school and/or community activity. Must be used for full-time attendance at Herkimer College. Renewal for senior year. Contact Herkimer College Financial Aid or county high school guidance offices for more information.

Silvio Campagna Memorial Scholarship

$450 to a student in good academic standing.

Slocum-Dickson Foundation Grant

Awarded to students pursuing health careers.

St. Joseph of Cupertino Scholarship

$250 merit based award to a graduating senior demonstrating ethical and moral values during their tenure at Herkimer College to be used toward continuing education.

Steven J. Weaver Scholarship

$250 award made to a student who demonstrates commitment to the local community and a willingness to remain in the community after graduation.  This award is to be granted a student who may not qualify for financial aid but does demonstrate some need.  Preference to Herkimer or Oneida county residents.

Temple Beth Joseph Scholarship

Annual $50 award to a graduating student who has demonstrated local community and college service.

Thomas J. and Joann L. Casale Family Scholarship

A $3,000 award to a Herkimer High School graduating senior.  Essay requirement.

Thomas W. Lenahan Scholarship

A $100 award given to a graduating student, continuing his or her education at an upper division college. Must be a member of the Herkimer College Criminal Justice Club and demonstrate academic success. Preference given to responsible students who have a respectful and positive attitude in their studies and personal life.

Universalist Society of Herkimer Scholarships

$500 awarded to freshmen entering “helping professions.” Preference to Herkimer High School graduates. Recipient must be a Herkimer County high school graduate. Based primarily on academic excellence and financial need.

Utica National Insurance Group Scholarships

$500 award to full-time students with GPA of 3.25 or higher. Preference to children of Utica National employees.

Utica Police Benevolent Association Scholarship

$500 annual award. Preference to students enrolled in a criminal justice program.

VFW - Michael S. Pliseck Post #4915

Awards to graduating Herkimer County resident seniors transferring to four-year colleges. Preference to children of veterans.

Vincent J. Iocovozzi Scholarship

$50 award to a senior science major transferring to Simmons or another mortuary science program.

Wayne Tayler Memorial Scholarship

$150 annual award given to a deserving student.

Wesley P. Small Scholarship

A $500 award to a graduating senior enrolled in Liberal Arts and Sciences: Humanities.

William F. Dillenbeck Assoc. of Town & Village Superintendents of Hwys of Herk County Scholarship

$250 awarded to a Herkimer County high school graduate. Preference given to highway employees’ immediate family members. Available to incoming freshman.

William Hennessey Memorial Scholarship

A single $500 award to an Ilion, Mohawk, Herkimer, Frankfort or Little Falls high school graduate demonstrating financial need.

Williams Family Scholarship

A $500 award given to an incoming freshman student enrolled in a Business: Accounting degree program.

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