Do I need an appointment to receive tutoring or can I walk in?

The ASC offers walk-in tutoring as well as tutoring by appointment. If you have a question, by all means, just stop in! However, to avoid disappointment and to better assist you in managing your time overall, the ASC tutors highly encourage appointments. Appointments can be made in person or by calling the ASC @ 315-574-4000.

Is there a charge for tutoring?

No. All tutoring is free.

Can anyone request a tutor?

Yes. If you are a currently enrolled Herkimer College student, either full or part-time, that’s all that’s required.

Are tutors available for every course?

On average, over 75 different courses have tutors, including the core courses needed by most Herkimer College majors. Unfortunately, not every tutor is available all hours, all days of the week. At the beginning of each semester, a current listing of courses with tutors is posted at the entrance to the ASC. A quick swipe of your ID card at the front desk will give you a listing of all tutors available for the courses you are taking, with their available hours. If a tutor is not available for a specific course, the ASC will make every effort to find or suggest alternative resources to help you.

I’m an Internet Academy Student and do not come to campus for any of my classes. Do you offer tutoring services for online students?

Yes. Online tutoring is available through Angel. To access this service go to your Angel home page, click on Community Groups, then “Find A Group”. Enter “Tutoring” in the keyword search box. Click on the “Enroll” link (no pin needed). A dialogue box will confirm your enrollment ” and you’re on your way!

Is on-line tutoring available?

Is on-line tutoring available? The problem is that I can not get to the ASC during its normal business hours. Is there any other way I can access writing tutoring? What about tutoring in other subjects?

We understand life gets hectic sometimes, and it is not always possible to visit the ASC in person. For your convenience, the ASC offers etutoring. You can e-mail your paper as a .doc or .rft attachment to etutor@herkimer.edu, and a writing tutor will review your work using the Comment function found under the Review toolbar in Microsoft Word. Etutoring is also available for math and select business and science courses. Just e-mail your questions to the above address.

In addition, you can access etutoring through the ANGEL platform. To access etutoring through ANGEL, you will need to enroll in the Tutoring Community Group. Enrollment in this group gives you access to a variety of helpful strategies for improving your writing, math, and science skills. Here is how to enroll in the Tutoring Community Group:

  1. From your ANGEL home page, find the box/nugget called Community Groups (usually at the bottom of the left column).
  2. Click the “Find a Group” link within that box (at the top left corner).
  3. Enter “Tutoring” (without the quotation marks) in the Keyword Search box; the Tutoring Community Group will appear.
  4. Click the “Enroll (no PIN needed)” link; a dialogue box will appear confirming your enrollment.
  5. Close this box and return to the ANGEL home page; the Tutoring Community Group will now be a link in your Community Groups box/nugget; click this link anytime to access online tutoring. On the Tutoring Community home page, go to the Group Announcements. Click the “Submit Your Question or Paper Here” link. You will need to use your @herkimer.edu email address to access this service.

Please allow two business days for a tutor to review and comment on your paper or answer your content area question.

Does the Academic Support Center have computers for students to use?

Yes. There are eight computers available in the main area of the ASC and 45 computers in the computer lab. The ASC is completely wireless and laptops are available for check out at the Library circulation desk for use anywhere in the ASC, including the collaborative area and the study rooms. All computers are available to students on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tell me about the tutors in the ASC. Are they good? Do they know their stuff?

Herkimer’s tutoring program is accredited by the College Reading and Learning Association as a Level I program; all tutoring staff receives Level I tutor training.

There are two full-time tutors specializing in writing across the curriculum and math across the curriculum. In addition, we have an Academic Coach who provides study strategies help. Part time tutors are hired each semester to support students in math, science, business, technology, humanities, and social science courses.

All tutors have appropriate subject matter degrees for the areas in which they tutor. They also have years of teaching and tutoring experience to their credit.

To round out the ASC’s tutoring staff, peer tutors are hired each semester in various subject areas. Peer tutors are highly selected students, usually seniors, who have been referred by faculty and who have achieved at least a “B” in the courses they tutor and a minimum GPA of 3.25. Peer tutors are trained and mentored by the full time staff.

How can I become a peer tutor? Are peer tutors paid? How many hours per week can I expect to work if chosen?

To apply to become a Peer Tutor, request an application at the ASC main desk (Ext. 8275). With the application, you’ll also be asked to provide two faculty references. New peer tutors are usually chosen in late spring semester for the upcoming fall. Peer tutors work approximately 5 hours per week and earn $8.00 per hour.

Can I make a tutoring appointment online?

Yes, if you are currently a registered student, you can visit https://ascservices.herkimer.edu/WebGateway to make an appointment with a tutor.

Please call 315-574-4000 with any questions