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Non-Matriculated Confirmation Page

Dear Non-Matriculated Student,
Your application for Non-Matriculated status has been submitted to Herkimer County Community College. All Non-Matriculated students are automatically accepted at Herkimer College and you will be notified if there is an issue with your application. Processing of your application may take up to 2 business days. We recommend printing this email for your records. Now here's what's next:

1. Register for Your Course(s)

Now that you have applied, you must wait for your application to process (up to 2 business days) and then register for your course(s) at Student Online Services (http://www.herkimer.edu/sos). To log in and register, your User ID will be your Social Security number (no dashes or spaces) and your Pin Number will be your Date of Birth - see example on User Login page for format. You must register for your course(s) at Herkimer College before you can gain access to your course(s) at the ANGEL site.

Once logged into Student Online Services (SOS), you should retrieve your Herkimer College Assigned College ID Number (With this number, you can determine your MyHerkimer username and your ANGEL username). Select Student Services, then Registration, then Student Schedule (at some point you will be prompted for the term). Your Herkimer College Assigned College ID will be located in the upper right-hand corner to the left of your name, it begins with an "H." This number should now be used whenever you log into SOS.

Internet Academy online sections are designated with a "V" in the section number, and the Time and Location will be listed as TBA. The course start and end dates are listed. It is the student’s responsibility to meet course participation requirements and all deadlines set by the Professor. (Students must begin participating in the course by the first day of the term).

If you are an International Student who does not have a Social Security Number or a student who has not provided your Social Security Number on your application, the Registrar's Office will contact you via the email address you provided on your application and with your Herkimer College Assigned College ID. You may then log in to SOS to complete registration for your course(s). (Please be sure to check Spam or Junk email folders as institution emails may filter to these).

Non-Matriculated students are not required to take Placement Exams and are not required to prove the completion of pre-requisite courses. If you receive a "Pre-Requisite or Test Score Error" at the time of registration, please email the Registrar’s Office at registrar@herkimer.edu and provide your name, Herkimer College Assigned College ID, the course name(s) and number(s) and we will assist you.

If you have questions regarding the registration process, please contact the Registrar's Office directly at 315-574-4037 or toll-free in NYS at 844-464-4375, ext. 8580.

2. Obtain your Textbook(s)

 Most Internet Academy courses require textbooks. We recommend that textbooks be purchased from the Herkimer College Bookstore. Order your textbooks online at www.herkimer.edu/bookstore. Make sure to review your Student Detail Schedule using Student Online Services and make note of your semester, course and section numbers prior to gaining access to your course(s) and ordering textbooks/materials. (Please be aware that some courses require materials that can only be purchased from the Herkimer College Bookstore e.g. most math textbooks are packaged especially for Herkimer College, etc.).  

3. Pay your Bill

Once you have registered, you can then pay your bill online using Student Online Services (you must choose the proper semester option). All accounts must be settled in full prior to the due date to avoid additional fees and/or possible deregistration from the course(s). View our current Refund Policy here: http://www.herkimer.edu/apply/billing/refunds-of-tuition/. If you have questions regarding your bill, contact the Student Account's Office at 315-574-4018 or toll-free in NYS at 844-464-4375, ext. 8315.

If you are a New York State Resident you must obtain a Certificate of Residence and provide it to the College no later than 30 days after classes start in order to avoid additional charges (certificates cannot be dated any earlier than 60 days before course begins). This is a requirement for all New York State Community Colleges. It is preferable for the Student Account's Office to receive the Certificate of Residence before classes start, however, if you are making payment and do not have your certificate yet, you can subtract the Non-Resident Tuition charge from your bill. As long as a Certificate of Residence is on file within 30 days from the start of the term, Tuition - No Residency" charges will be is removed. Failure to provide a certificate within this timeframe will result in you having to pay the additional charge.

You can download a Certificate of Residence application form and information at www.herkimer.edu/apply/billing/certificate-of-residence/. If you have any questions specific to the Certificate of Residence, please contact the Student Account's Office directly at 315-574-4018 or toll-free in NYS at 844-464-4375, ext. 8309.

4. Login to ANGEL and begin participating! 

 Internet Academy courses will meet online at https://herkimer.sln.suny.edu, It can take up to 2-3 business days after your registration for your ANGEL account to be created. Courses will be automatically added to your ANGEL account several days before the courses begin. You can view the ANGEL Student Information page here: http://www.herkimer.edu/learn/online-learning/angel-student-center/. It contains information regarding how to determine your ANGEL Username and Password, how to access your Herkimer College Student Email Account, etc. If you have questions regarding your ANGEL Username and Password, please contact us at internetacademy@herkimer.edu or at 315-574-4006 or toll-free in NYS at 844-464-4375 ext. 8742 as soon as possible.

New students should join and complete the online Open SUNY Student Orientation provided prior to beginning your course(s).  The Orientation will help you to build the skills necessary to effectively participate in online courses. If you have any technical issue during the semester, please call the Open SUNY Help Desk at 844-673-6786 or submit a help ticket: https://service.sunyconnect.suny.edu/MRcgi/MRhomepage.pl?USER=&PROJECTID=16&MRP=0&OPTION=none&WRITECACHE=1&FIRST_TIME_IN_FP=1&FIRST_TIME_IN_PROJ=1&dispatch_script=MRlogin.pl&

5. Obtain your Official Transcript to Transfer Credit

 To request an Official transcript, use our Official Transcript Request form here: http://www.herkimer.edu/apply/registrars-office/transcripts/. You may submit this form prior to the completion of the course to expedite the process. Simply check the Hold for Grades box on the form and specify the term. Once the final grading process is complete, “pre-requested” transcripts can be released. Transcripts will begin being processed after all final grading is complete.  Transcripts generally take 3-5 business days to process.

You are encouraged to gain access to your online course and begin reading the course documents prior to the actual start date. Successful online students will login to their course(s) and begin participating by the first day of class.

Wishing you success!

Linda C. Lamb
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs,

Internet Academy and Continuing Education