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Online Tuition & Fees

Herkimer College excels at online learning. Our Internet Academy allows students to complete a 2-year SUNY education that works for their schedule – at an affordable price. 

By earning an Associate’s degree or certificate or beginning a two-year education at Herkimer College, students save thousands of dollars while benefiting from our exceptional academics and the convenience of online coursework.

Our tuition rates and fees for Internet Academy only students are below. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Account's Office at 315-574-4018 or To find out if you are eligible for financial aid, contact 315-574-4035 or request information.

Tuition & Fees


  • Full Time
    2,135.00 per semester
  • Part Time
    159.00 per credit hour

Non Resident / Out of State / International

  • Full Time
    3,500.00 per semester
  • Part Time
    278.00 per credit hour


Accident Insurance: 50.00 annual
Administrative Withdrawal Fee: 5.00 per withdrawal
Alumni Fee: 40.00 per graduate (in final semester)
Change of Program Fee: 25.00 per occurrence, 1st one free
Credit by Exam: 40.00 per course
Drop / Add: 5.00 per form
Graduation (FSA Fee): 40.00
Student Life Fee (Full-Time - 12 or more credit hours): 200.00
Student Life Fee (Part-Time): 14.00 per credit hour
Technology Fee (Full-Time - 12 or more credit hours): 100.00
Technology Fee (Part-Time - 3-11 credit hours): 35.00

Late Registration: 20.00

Library Fine: 0.50 per book per day
NSF Checks: 25.00 per check

Parking Fines:

  • Regular 10.00 per ticket
  • Regular ticket unpaid after 10 days 25.00 per ticket
  • Handicap Zone 25.00 per ticket
  • Handicap unpaid after 10 days 35.00 per ticket

Payment Deferral: 50.00 per term
Readmission: 25.00

Online Course Fee: 16.00 per credit hour for all applicable course(s)

Transcript: 5.00 per form
Tuition Deposit: 50.00 Tuition & Fees