Herkimer College Maintains Commitment to Affordable, Accessible Higher Education with In-State Tuition Freeze; Out-of-State Reduction

Herkimer College announced in-state tuition and fee rates for the 2022-23 academic year will remain the same. Additionally, out-of-state and international tuition and fee rates will be reduced to coincide with in-state costs. Tuition for all full-time students is $2,558 per semester and part-time tuition is $189 per credit hour.  

“We acknowledge the continuing financial hardships faced by many students and their families due to the coronavirus pandemic and exacerbated by the current inflationary situation,” said Herkimer College President Cathleen McColgin, Ph.D. “We provide high quality, accessible educational opportunities for all. This tuition modification is one way we can demonstrate our commitment as well as remain competitive with other two-year colleges. We are grateful for the support of the Herkimer College Board of Trustees toward this priority.”

In another effort to increase affordability, Herkimer College has developed BookMarket™ in collaboration with Barnes & Noble College.  BookMarket™ is a course-material delivery program that lowers the cost of materials and ensures students have access to all their required textbooks on or before the first day of class. The program will be available for the Fall 2022 semester.