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Fall Session 2021

Electronic Circuits I

Course code: IS126-01 | CRN: 41329 | Credits: 4 | Seats: / 12

This course runs from September 07, 2021 to December 23, 2021 on MW from 2:35 pm to 4:00 pm

A basic course in direct current circuit theory. Concepts of charge, current and voltage; Ohm?s Law, Kirchoff?s Laws; analysis of series, parallel, and combination circuits; mesh and nodal analysis; Superposition, Thevenin?s and Norton?s theorems; maximum power transfer theorem; electric fields and capacitance; magnetic fields and inductance; analysis of R-C and R-L switching networks. The laboratory is coordinated with, and supports, the theory course. Cross listed with EG 275 and EE 126.

Use this link to lookup course materials: Official Herkimer County Community College Textbooks

Instructor: Randolph Baker

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