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Fall Session 2021

Introduction to Engineering

Course code: EG191-01 | CRN: 41443 | Credits: 3 | Seats: 2 / 10

This course runs from September 07, 2021 to December 23, 2021 on TR from 9:35 am to 11:00 am

This course provides a thorough study in the disciplines of engineering. Student will work collaboratively on projects introducing the topics of statistics, mechanics, material balance, electrical theory, and energy. Students will be engaged in the application of problem solving techniques and the presentation of solutions. A portion of the course includes computer applications. Prerequisite: MA 245 or concurrent enrollment. Note: Offered Fall semesters only. Formerly SC 191.

Use this link to lookup course materials: Official Herkimer County Community College Textbooks

Instructor: Paul Phister

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