Spring 2021

Clinical Fieldwork II

Course code: PT255-01 | CRN: 20289 | Credits: 4 | Seats: 18 / 27

This course runs from February 01, 2021 to March 05, 2021

Five weeks (200 hours) of full-time clinical experience are included in Clinical Fieldwork II. During this second affiliation, the student is given the opportunity to refine treatment skills and, depending on the facility assigned, acquire alternate treatment protocols. This level allows the student to gain experience in the application of skills and techniques learned in PT 251 and PT 252 for the Neuromuscular and Musculoskeletal practice patterns. Prerequisite: Successful completion of PT 251 and PT 252. Student must be First Aid and CPR certified and provide all required CPR, First Aid and health record documentation.

Use this link to lookup course materials: Official Herkimer County Community College Textbooks

Instructor: Tara Bienkowski

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