Spring 2021

Intro Psychology

Course code: SS151-R3 | CRN: 20306 | Credits: 3 | Seats: 20 / 30

This course runs from February 01, 2021 to May 11, 2021 on MWF from 9:05 am to 10:00 am

This course is designed to provide an engaging introduction to the essential topics in psychology, including perception, emotion, learning, child development, personality, psychopathology and social interaction. Students will explore how such knowledge relates to debates about nature versus nurture, free will, and consciousness. Students are also exposed to the historical development of the biological, evolutionary, cognitive and psychoanalytic theoretical perspectives, with a focus on the importance of scientific methods and the principles of research design, throughout this course.

Use this link to lookup course materials: Official Herkimer County Community College Textbooks

The software required for this course can only be obtained by purchasing the required textbook package at www.hcccbookstore.com.  This software is not Macintosh compatible.

Instructor: Janemarie Verri

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