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Determining Financial Need

Herkimer College prioritizes financial aid awards according to financial need. A student's financial need is the difference between the cost of attendance at Herkimer College and the amount their family is expected to contribute to the student's education.

Cost of Attendance (COA)

Cost of attendance is an estimate of the full expense of attending Herkimer College for one academic year. This includes tuition, fees, the price of books, room and board, and basic allowance for transportation and personal expenses. 

Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

The EFC is a measure of a family's financial strength. It is an estimate of the money the government perceives a family can contribute to their student's educational expenses for a year. It is an estimate, NOT the amount a family is expected to pay.

EFC is determined by a formula generated by Congress, and is based on information from the FAFSA. The results are forwarded to the schools listed on the FAFSA to determine aid eligibility. 

Your Financial Aid Package

The College gives priority in awarding financial aid to those students with the greatest need. Herkimer College uses all available federal and state aid, outside scholarships, and resources in determining a financial aid package that comes as close as possible to the student's financial need. The College's recommends filing the FAFSA early since funds are limited.


Cost of attendance ± $19,980
Expected family contribution - $2,000
Federal Pell Grant -  $4,395
NYS Tap Award - $1,500
Outside scholarship - $2,000
Federal Direct Subsidized Loan - $3,500
Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan - $2,000
Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant - $500
Federal Work Study - $1,800

Award Notification

Once your application has been processed, the Herkimer College Financial Aid office will notify you of your financial aid eligibility. All award offers must be accepted or declined by the appropriate deadline.

To accept or decline award offers electronically, students can access their award information on Student Online Services.

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