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Certificate of Residence

To be eligible for the resident tuition rate, students must provide a Certificate of Residence from their home county.  This is an annual requirement as Certificates of Residence are valid for one year from the date issued.

Why Do You Need It?

The New York State Education Law requires that all students file proof of residence upon enrollment with a community college.  A Certificate of Residence allows Herkimer College to bill your home county for part of your tuition costs.  Failure to file this form will result in a higher rate of tuition being charged (Non-Resident Tuition).  It is the responsibility of the student, not the college, to prove residency.

Where Do You Get It?

You obtain a Certificate of Residence from the county in which you live (your permanent home residence).  You must apply to your county’s Chief Fiscal Officer (in most cases, it is the County Treasurer’s Office).

Download forms here.

NEW FOR 2019  Important information for Nassau County Students!

Nassau County students can now apply for their certificate of residence online and receive an immediate email response.  Please see this flyer!

When Do You Get It?

No sooner than 60 days prior to the start of classes, and no later than 30 days after the start of classes.  NY State Counties are only required to issue and honor Certificates of Residence dated within this time frame.  After the first 30 days of classes, most counties will no longer issue Certificates of Residence and payment for the Non-Resident Tuition charge then becomes the student’s responsibility.

*Late certificates will be processed by our office, but your account will only be reduced if your county accepts our billing.

How Long Is It Valid?

Certificates of Residence are valid for 12 months from the date of issuance and are applicable for all terms or programs commenced and completed within that 12-month period.  A new Certificate of Residence must be submitted each year.

Where Do You Submit the Official Certificate of Residence?

Once you have received the official Certificate of Residence from your county, you can submit it to the Student Accounts Office at the college. You may drop it off in person, fax it to 315-866-5497, email it to, or mail to:

Student Accounts Office
100 Reservoir Road
Herkimer, NY 13350

What If You Don’t Have the Certificate by the Due Date on the Bill?

 The NYS Education Law states that you have 30 days from the start of classes to get a certificate from your county. Therefore, if you don’t have it by the due date, that is okay. You do not need to pay this charge up front and may subtract the Non-Resident Tuition charge from your bill prior to making payment. We will remove that charge once we receive your certificate.

What If You Are a Permanent Herkimer County Resident?

Students who are residents of Herkimer County only need to fill out the Affidavit for Certificate of Residence, have their signature notarized, and return it to the Student Accounts Office at the college (they do not need to go to the Herkimer County Treasurer’s Office).

Do I Qualify for the Resident Rate?

To qualify for a Certificate of Residence, students must have lived in New York State for the past 12 months.  Residency is verified by the county(ies) in which they have lived for the six months prior to attending college.  If they have lived in more than one NY State county during those six months, a Certificate of Residence will be required from each of those counties. 

The legal residence of a college student is presumed to be the residence of the parent, guardian, or any other permanent residence prior to the student's enrollment at the College.  Residence is not gained or lost by attending college and such attendance does not change a student's legal residence.  However, a married student, or one who is working full-time in Herkimer County or New York State for over one year may establish his or her own residence.

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Providing the College with proof of residency is an important step in your registration process. Please call the Student Accounts Office at 315-866-0300 x8309 if you have any questions about the proper way to complete this requirement.