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Cost Comparison

Learn How Starting at Herkimer College Can Save Thousands

Want to get a four-year degree without piling on debt? Consider attending Herkimer College for two years and transferring to a four-year college or university to complete your bachelor’s degree. Herkimer has many transfer agreements with four-year schools, both public and private, that ensure a smooth transfer with junior status. So, essentially a Herkimer College commuter student who graduates from Herkimer and transfers to a private college such as Syracuse University, Cornell University or Penn State can save more than $77,000. If you are a Herkimer County resident in the top 15% of your high school class, you can save even more! What’s more, you’ll have a degree to take with you. You’ll also have two years of experience at the college level to help ensure your success at the four-year school.

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