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Financial Aid Overage Checks

Federal financial aid, including federal student loans, is disbursed to your student account in two disbursements each semester. State financial aid (TAP, Part Time TAP and APTS) is disbursed in one disbursement. If your financial aid is greater than your total expenses at Herkimer College and you meet the necessary attendance requirements, you will receive a check for the overage.

It is important that you make sure all your financial aid requirements are fulfilled to ensure that your aid is disbursed to your account. You can follow up on your financial aid and student account online.

Because federal financial aid is applied to your account in two disbursements, the Student Accounts Office begins releasing checks to students after the sixth week of classes, if the aid received by the College at that time exceeds the student’s total expenses. For the Fall 2019 semester, the first overage check will be mailed to your permanent address on or about October 16, 2019. The second disbursement of federal financial aid is applied to your account after the ninth week of classes. If at that time there is a credit balance on the account, an overage check will be mailed on or about November 14, 2019.

It is important to remember that your financial aid eligibility is dependent upon you regularly attending classes and making sure all financial aid requirements are completed. Students are strongly encouraged to utilize Student Online Services to track their student accounts, financial aid, and holds.