Tuition & Fees

International students from more than 20 countries around the world select Herkimer College for an amazing educational experience at a great price.

The following information details tuition and fees for Herkimer College international students. All tuition and fees must be paid prior to or at the time of registration. All fees are subject to change at the discretion of the College.

The items below are our estimates of your expenses for the first academic year (nine months). You may expect to spend more or less depending upon your situation. However, you must demonstrate the ability to meet the total amount listed before Herkimer College can issue you an I-20, the form signed by an official of this institution which you will need in order to obtain your student visa.

Full Time International Student Tuition & Fees per Academic Year:

Item Cost
Tuition $7,000.00
Housing $6,098.00
Meal Plan $2,360.00
International Student Health Insurance $1,100.00 ($550.00 per term)
Books & Supplies $1,200.00
Student Fees $900.00
TOTAL $18,658.00

*Full time = 12 credits or more per semester

Online Tuition (Non-Resident/Out of State/International):

Full Time Part Time
$7,000.00 per year $278.00 per credit hour
Online Course Fee: $13.00 per credit hour for all applicable course(s)  

 *Tuition and fees are subject to change.

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