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Retention Services

Retention services were developed to help our students stay in school when college or life becomes challenging. Students who begin to worry about how things are going can utilize these services to turn their semester around.  

Course-Specific Tutoring

  • In Person Sessions at the Academic Support Center or at Campus Meadows Housing Complex  (for residential students, weekend and evening hours)
  • Asynchronous E-Tutoring – for assistance with papers, essays and other writing across the curriculum assignments
  • Synchronous E-Tutoring – Skype and Net Tutor Options
  • Small Group Sessions – can be arranged as either a live session or an online session
  • Sessions available either by appointment or by chance as a walk-in as tutors are available
  • Reserve an appointment by phone, in person or via the ASC’s online reservation system

Check for more information at the Academic Support Center.

Study Strategies Tutoring 

  • Note Taking
  • Test Prep Strategies
  • Reading Textbooks Effectively and Efficiently
  • Listening Skills
  • Memorization Skills
  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

Check for more information at the Academic Support Center.

Academic Coaching

The Academic Coach assists students with:

  • Goal setting and task management
  • Choosing and employing appropriate study strategies
  • Staying focused
  • Avoiding procrastination
  • Structured study time

Academic coaching services are open to all Herkimer  students, with special consideration given to faculty referrals, Conditional Admits, students on Academic Warning, and those who began their college experience as JUMPSTART and On-Course Learning Community participants. Check for more information at the Academic Support Center.

Student Athlete Academic Success Services – S.A.A.S.S  

  • Our athletes are “Students First, Athletes Second”
  • Tracking of athletes’ academic progress
  • Student Athlete Action Plan for Success
  • Helping students to stay eligible for sports as well as for life

On-Course Learning Communities 

Incoming freshmen may opt into or may be required to participate in a learning community.  The learning community faculty are trained in Skip Downing’s nationally recognized On-Course principles and are specially selected to work within a learning community.  A learning community student registers into a defined block of courses, thereby creating a “community of learners” for a portion of their semester schedule.  Students and faculty in these groups work especially close together.  The Learning Community model provides students with a natural link to each other on a daily basis, creating peer support systems, study groupings and friendships that will last throughout their college experience.  As they prepare to move on to their second semester, Learning Community students are given extra guidance in preparing to register for the next term.  Throughout their subsequent semesters, On-Course Learning Community students have the opportunity for on-going appointments with the College’s Academic Coach, according to their individual needs.

Counseling Services

Early Warning System

The college employs an early warning system that provides feedback from the faculty to various offices on campus at critical crossroads of the semester.  In turn, the outreach to students from the various offices may be in the form of a letter, a phone call, an email or even a personal visit.  The intent is to intervene before the going gets tough, to lend a helping hand and to make the student aware of services that can help them to stay on track for success.


Mentoring Students who enter as a conditional admit are matched with a faculty/staff mentor. The student and his/her mentor set up a mutually agreeable schedule of meeting times, based on the student needs. The mentor program does not take the place of the student’s own program advisor