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Adopt-A-School Program

The Adopt-a-School Program connects Herkimer College students, faculty, and coaches with students and staff in local elementary, middle, and high schools to emphasize the importance of education, respect, civility, hard work, and commitment.

From delivering bullying programs in local elementary schools to making visits to discuss teamwork, respect, and civility, Herkimer College is active in our area schools.

We believe we have a responsibility:

As a Leading Educational Institution

Studies show that the strongest education systems in the world are not only the result of outstanding schools and funding – they are also very much supported by the cultural values that permeate communities surrounding those educational systems. Because communities that value education tend to have better educational outcomes, Herkimer College is devoted to communicating the importance of education to local students and promoting positive qualities that help students – and societies – succeed.   

As Athletes

Our athletic department has an outstanding record of community service, and the Adopt-a-School Program is an important part of these efforts. Athletes are required to develop strong leadership, team-building, and other important life skills. We have a responsibility to help younger generations succeed by guiding them in the development of these qualities.

Herkimer College is committed to having a strong, positive socioeconomic impact on the community. We believe wholeheartedly in the importance of investing in our area’s youth. To participate, request a team visit, or learn more about Adopt-A- School, contact Donald Dutcher.