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Concurrent Enrollment

Local high school students can earn Herkimer College credits through our concurrent enrollment program, College Now. Herkimer College will waive tuition for College Now courses for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Benefits of taking College Now courses include:

  • learning about college expectations and introducing you to college culture;
  • saving money by reducing future college costs;
  • showing college admissions officers that you are a serious student;
  • reducing your first or second semester course load in college;
  • having the option to earn a double major, do a special work internship, or spend a semester traveling abroad; and
  • graduating from college earlier.

The National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships is the national organization that sets standards for CEPs and accredits those partnerships that meet the national standards in five categories: curriculum, students, faculty, assessment, and evaluation. In April 2006, our College Now program was initially accredited by NACEP and re-accredited in 2013.

Check out our list of participating schools, to see if you qualify for the College Now Program or contact 315-574-4002 or email to learn more.