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Faculty & Staff FAQs

How do I access Degree Works?

Please review this document: How to use Degree Works

How do I access my email from off campus?

How do I log into Banner Self Service?

Click this link to visit the log in page.

How do I use Track-It?

Download the Track-It Procedure HowTo

Where may I find the Faculty/Staff forms?

They are stored on myherkimer here: (

How do I dispose of obsolete Computer equipment?

Asset Disposal Process:

  1. Complete a fixed asset disposal form found on MyHerkimer. These forms need to be typed and require the signature of the Department head / Associate Dean and the Executive Director of Information Technology.
  2. Deliver the form to the Information Technology Computer Technicians. They will ensure the equipment is placed in proper disposal bins. They will also arrange disposal with the Facilities department. 
  3. Information Technology will deliver the completed forms to the Controller after the equipment has been disposed.               

How do I setup my college Email onto my phone?

Droid Users

  • Account Type: Corporate Sync, Exchange
  • Domain\Username: HCCC email username (‘hccc\’ not needed unless specified)
    • Note: If domain has its own text box, enter in hccc
  • Password: HCCC email password
  • Use secure connection: Checked
  • Email address: <hccc email username>
  • Email Server:

*Accept any certificates that the software may inquire about

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Users

  •  Click Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Click Add Account
  • Click Microsoft Exchange
  • Enter the following information
  • Email - Full email address (ex.
  • Domain - HCCC
  • Username - HCCC username (ex. doejm123)
  • Password - HCCC password
  • Description - Unique description (ex. HCCC Email, Work Email, etc)
  • Click Next
  • Enter the following address for the server -
  • Click Next

**Choose whether you want your Contacts/Calendar/Emails synchronized