Enhance Your Transcript and Resume

The Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) is designed to compliment your Academic Transcript and will show prospective colleges and employers the wide range of learning experiences you've had at Herkimer County Community College or within our local community.

In order to receive your Co-Curricular Transcript follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete the Co-Curricular Transcript Request Form.
  2. Return completed form to the Center for Student Leadership & Involvement(RMCC 220).
  3. Once you're Co-Curricular Transcript is prepared you may pick it up in the Center for Student Leadership & Involvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Co-Curricular Transcript?

The Co-Curricular Transcript is an official record of the extracurricular activities and accomplishments of undergraduate students while attending Herkimer College.

How is the Co-Curricular Transcript Used?

Official copies of the Co-Curricular Transcript is used to complement your resume and academic transcript when applying to transfer schools or jobs.

What types of activities are submitted?

The Co-Curricular Transcript is designed to cover four areas:

  • Leadership: Includes any leadership role or position held by a student in a recognized organization, activity, or program.
  • Athletics: Includes participation in intercollegiate, varsity sports at Herkimer College.
  • Honors, Awards, Recognition: Includes any type of formal recognition bestowed upon a student individually or as part of a group.
  • Clubs/Organizations: Includes membership in a recognized organization, activity, varsity sport or program that requires sustained participation.

Can I include entries for off campus activities?

You may list off-campus activities on the back of the CCT Request Form but, there is no guarantee that these activities will be listed.

Should I include employment experiences?

No. The transcript is designed for extracurricular activities outside the realm of employment experiences. Work experiences should appear on your resume.

How long does the program last?

The program begins your first year at Herkimer College and concludes at graduation.

How do I submit entries for my transcript?

Complete the Co-Curricular Transcript Request Form and return to the Center for Student Leadership and Involvement (RMCC 220).

Should I submit entries for participation in an organization even if I submit an entry for being an officer of the organization?

You have to be the judge. Look at your records of entries and decide how you want your transcript to look. Generally, you will participate in a group before you become an officer, and typically, your participation in the group extends over a longer period of time. We suggest that you submit entries for each year of participation as well as additional entries for any leadership position.

What do I do if I hold more than one leadership position in an organization?

You should list both positions on the Request Form.

Can I submit the same entry if I continue participation in the group or hold the same office for an additional year?

Yes. You should submit entries each year. Redundant entries will be removed by noting an additional year of participation on the final transcript.

Must all entries be validated?


Who can validate my entries?

Validation must be provided by an organization advisor or representative directly responsible for the activity.

What do I do if I have a problem obtaining a validation signature?

Contact the Center for Student Leadership and Involvement at x8286 or stop by the office (RMCC 220).

Can entries be deleted?

Yes, but you must request the deletion in writing to the Center for Student Leadership and Involvement.

Where can I get help with my entries or have my questions answered?

Any questions can be answered by the Center for Student Leadership and Involvement staff.

When will my Co-Curricular Transcript be completed?

The Center for Student Leadership and Involvement staff will let you know when you can expect to pick up your CCT.

How do I order my transcripts?

You must complete steps listed on the CCT Request Form.

How many copies can I order?

You may request as many as you’d like through the Center for Student Leadership & Involvement.

Should I make my own copies?

No. Each official Transcript will be an original with a signature and a seal from the college.

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