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Herkimer in the 1980's


Phaethon, the College’s journal of creative expression, is awarded first prize in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s Annual community college magazine contest.

May 1980

Raymond J. Lenarcic receives the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

1981 - 1982

The Computer Laboratory in Johnson Hall opens with 10 Apple II, three PET, one NCR 8150, a TRS-80 and a Singer 1501.C computer system. Soon after, 24 MDS System 2100 terminals and 19 Apple IIE computers are added. The laboratory is designed to serve as “open access” for the entire campus community.

Fall 1982

Twenty Herkimer College Foundation full-tuition scholarships are awarded to Herkimer County high school students graduating at the top of their classes.

1982 - 1983

Due largely to the leadership of Professor Faye Lenarcic, a Child Day Care Center is opened. The center begins a regular day care program enabling many parents to pursue career or retraining interests.

October 1, 1984

Dean H. David Trautlein retires. Dr. Theodore Spring is appointed Dean of the College.

1984 - 1985

The College Learning Center is established under Professor William Pelz as project director. The Center’s mission is to provide enrichment activities for special interests, remedial assistance, services for handicapped and disadvantaged students, assistance for returning adult students and peer tutoring.

1985 - 1986

The Electronics Laboratory is set up as a shared facility with Computer Aided Design (CAD).

Fall 1985

The Herkimer College Foundation Gallery opens.

The first “National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week” is observed on campus, later referred to as Alcohol & Drug Awareness week.

May 1985

Faye Lenarcic receives the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

July 1986

President Robert McLaughlin retires. Dr. Ronald F. Williams is appointed President.

1986 - 1987

The College’s own cable TV station becomes a reality as a result of a member item grant of $30,000 from State Senator James Donovan for the purchase of microwave equipment.

Thirteen Herkimer College Travel & Tourism students are accepted for summer internships at Walt Disney World, the largest group from any single institution.

January 1, 1987

James Hill, Dean of Administration, retires. Subsequently Thomas Schmidt is appointed to the position.

May 1987

John L. Reese receives the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Summer 1987

Kids’ College is established.

September 1987

Inauguration of President Ronald F. Williams is held.

Fall 1987

Herkimer College wins its first National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) national championship title in field hockey under Coach Jeanne Galvin.


Herkimer College wins NJCAA National Championship titles in the men’s Nordic 10K under Coach Bob Dorrance and men’s lacrosse under Coach Paul Wehrum.

Summer 1988

Herkimer College is reaccredited by Middle States Association (MSA) for a 10-year period.

1988 - 89

The first full year of operation for the College’s cable TV station is completed.

Spring 1989

The men’s lacrosse team wins the NJCAA National Championship.

May 1989

Jack A. Maroun receives the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Fall 1989

The Herkimer College Foundation purchases two farms adjacent to the campus for the purpose of future college expansion.

September 1989

Herkimer College offers off-site college classes at Mt. Markham High School under the auspices of the Math/Science Division, to help improve preparation of mathematics and science students coming to the College. These are the first of the classes in the program that will later become known as College Now.