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Institutional Planning

Herkimer College offers the premier 2-year SUNY experience and ranks among the nation’s top community colleges for student success – but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep striving to improve our institution and outcomes.

We’re dedicated to a strategic process of “continual self-improvement through evidence-based decision making.” We’re constantly evaluating our progress and analyzing our results to ensure we achieve our mission in ways that reflect our core values.

Herkimer College’s comprehensive and ongoing process of institutional planning is based on an active culture of assessment encompassing all functional areas of the College. Institutional planning incorporates our core values, mission and strategic goals into the evaluation, design and implementation of all aspects of the College’s operations, in order to make decisions and allocate resources in ways to best meet the College’s mission and goals.

Some of the key aspects of this program include:

Strategic Planning:

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Institutional Assessment:

To learn more, view our entire Institutional Assessment Plan.

Assessment of Student Learning:

To learn more, view our Assessment of Student Learning page.