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Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH is an international trademarked and copyrighted program model, which focuses solely on employment for participants. The local program is a 40-week collaboration between Arc Herkimer and Herkimer County Community College with a sole objective and intensive focus on achieving competitive employment and maximum independence for each participant. Each intern participates in daily classroom instruction and gains hands-on work experience by rotating among three unique, unpaid internships, from August to May, at various sites at Herkimer College. Skills learned by the interns will be marketable in their search for community employment. Participants and their family and friends also enjoy a graduation ceremony complete with certificates at the end of the academic year.

Eligibility criteria includes: 18-34 years old; documented developmental disability; a willingness to learn and achieve excellent attendance; and a personal goal to become employed within the community at the end of Project SEARCH program.

For more information, please contact Catherine Loomis, Career Connections, 257 N. Main Street, Herkimer, NY 13350. Office: (315) 574-7893 Fax: (315) 866-5738 Email: cloomis@archerkimer.org

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