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Herkimer College Communication Arts: Radio Television Broadcasting student Melissa Krull decided to turn the camera inward, focusing on the very program she was enrolled in at Herkimer, in order to generate the “From HCTV to Eyewitness News” feature package. The original feature package first ran on the student produced “HCTV News” from Herkimer College on April 10th, 2014.

Melissa chose to center on recent graduates of the Herkimer College Communication Arts programs. Specifically, she centered the story on three former students, all of whom are currently working at a local TV station. The main storyline here is that each of the students expressed appreciation for the opportunities they had while attending Herkimer. Skills learned at the college translate to their everyday duties now that they are employed in the broadcasting industry.

Melissa says “I wanted to provide fellow media students with a sense of hope because they could see firsthand how many former Herkimer College students are now employed at WUTR. Some of them didn't even have to go to a 4-year school and are full time employees! That's something that matters to my peers specifically because many cannot afford to attend a four-year school, and my package shows that a Bachelor's Degree is not always necessary for becoming a full-time employee in the media industry. The package also served as an update on past faces from HCTV News. The story is meant to inspire and excite students who attended, are attending, or are considering attending Herkimer College or another four-year school.”

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