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Develop Your Workforce. Improve Your Bottom Line.

Workforce development is a smart business investment and many local employers qualify for grants and other financial aid to help pay for it. Call 315-574-4003 or request information to learn more!

There are so many benefits to helping your current employees to grow and gain new knowledge and abilities, such as:

  • Improving employee skills and introducing new technologies can help your business to operate more efficiently and improve your bottom line.
  • Employees who are presented with learning opportunities have higher job satisfaction rates.
  • Workforce development helps employers to adjust to changing market conditions so they can better compete.
  • Teaching current employees new skills is almost always less expensive than hiring and training new employees.

Why Herkimer College?

  • Our experience. Herkimer College is a long-term provider of training and workforce development programs in the Mohawk Valley region.
  • Our diversity. Our technical, organizational workforce development and leadership training programs cover a broad range of topics that include specific, customized training needs and more general leadership and management topics.
  • Our commitment. Herkimer College is dedicated to the economic development of Herkimer and the surrounding counties, supporting companies of all sizes in their quest for continuous improvement.

Our Services:

  • Assessment of Workforce Training Needs
  • Consulting services, courses, programs, seminars, and workshops
  • High-quality training programs at affordable prices

Our programs are designed and scheduled at the convenience of the employer and its employees. By building relationships with our customers, Herkimer College delivers the highest quality programs at a reasonable cost.

If you are interested in setting up a program with Community Education, please call 315-574-4003 or email request information to learn more!