English Placement Exam

Once you apply for admission into a degree program in the Internet Academy, you must submit a writing sample. 

The writing sample will take up to a half hour. Do not click on the link to the writing sample until you are ready to complete the activity.

You will be notified of your results via email (use an active address) and information will be provided regarding appropriate section placement. Please allow up to two business days for grading your writing sample.

Note: This writing sample is required prior to registering for EN 111 - English I unless you meet one of the following criteria.

  • High school average of 88 or above
  • SAT: 500 minimum on individual sub-tests (reading, writing, and math)
  • ACT: Composite score of 21 or above
  • Satisfactory ACCUPLACER test scores from the past two years
  • Transfer credit: College-level English, with a grade of C or above
  • College Now: Completed courses with a grade of C or above
  • You are a non-matriculated student

You should submit all official test results to the Admissions Office and all official transcripts to the Registrar’s Office at least two weeks in advance to allow for determination of any waiver.

Questions about the Herkimer College placement testing policy or procedures? Call (315) 866-0300 x8288