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We’ll Help Your College Transition Go Smoothly

Transition To CollegeThe Herkimer College faculty and staff understand the transition to college is a major life event for our freshmen. That’s why we aim to provide a variety of services to help new students succeed.

Below is a list of just a few of the main resources available to help make your transition go smoothly. Whether you’re nervous about starting school or just want to make the most of college, we highly recommend you take advantage of these services:

  • The JUMPSTART Program: This program is designed to help students adjust to college’s academic expectations, arming them with study skills, resources, support services, and strategies for success.
  • New Student Orientation: This general Herkimer College overview will introduce students to the campus, the College’s departments and services, the resources that are available to them, and important College policies.
  • Retention Services: These services were developed to help our students stay in school when college or life becomes challenging. Students who begin to worry about how things are going can utilize these services to turn their semester around.
  • Disabilities Services: Our staff works hard to offer outstanding support services for students with disabilities. Whether you need a sign language interpreter, assistance with note-taking or e-texts, help setting up alternative testing arrangements, or a referral to the right campus or community services, the Herkimer College Academic Support Center can help.

Once you arrive, if you experience any issues, we encourage you to reach out to one of our offices. Not sure where to turn? You can always contact your advisor or the Advisement Center. Both would be happy to point you in the right direction!

Download Our New Student Survival Guide