Herkimer College Alerts

Important COVID-19 updates and case tracker are available here.  

Instructions for accessing real-time remote classes are here.


  • Herkimer College has been open for business since the start of the pandemic; however, we highly encourage you to call or email us with questions or to schedule a virtual appointment. If you must visit campus, please contact the office or individual you wish to visit to make an appointment before coming to campus. Department and faculty/staff phone numbers and email addresses are available in the online directory. Below is contact information for frequently visited departments.

    Admissions: 315-574-4028 admissions@herkimer.edu
    Academic Advisement Center: 315-574-4029 advisementcenter@herkimer.edu
    Financial Aid: 315-574-4035 finaid@herkimer.edu
    Student Accounts (Billing/Bursar): 315-574-4018 bursar@herkimer.edu
    Registrar: 315-574-4037 registrar@herkimer.edu
    Bookstore: 315-866-1550 bookstore@herkimer.edu
    Academic Support Center: 315-574-4000 AcademicSupport@herkimer.edu

  • In an effort to continue to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our campus community, classes for the Spring 2021 semester will begin on Monday, February 1, 2021 and will run through May 6, 2021 with no breaks. Final examinations/culminating activities will be held on May 7, 10 or 11. Classes will be held on President’s Day (February 15), and there will not be a spring break.

    A virtual orientation program for new students will be held on Tuesday, January 26 and Wednesday, January 27. The schedule is available here: www.herkimer.edu/orientation

    Residential students will move into on-campus housing the weekend of January 30 and 31. All continuing and new residential students will be required to quarantine for 14 days prior to arrival and participate in COVID-19 testing upon arrival to campus before proceeding to Housing. The Residential Life & Housing Office will communicate further details to residential students, and can be reached at reslifehousing@herkimer.edu or call 315-867-2222.

    Students can check their spring class schedules in Student Online Services to determine how each of their classes will be delivered. If the Section # starts with an R, the class is real-time remote. If it starts with a V or S, the class is online. Other section numbers are for on-campus, in-person classes.

  • The College is requiring everyone who comes to campus to complete a daily screening process including completion of a screening checklist and having their temperature taken. We are issuing color-coded bracelets to individuals who are cleared to be on campus.

    A log of all individuals who have entered the campus will be maintained with visitors required to provide contact information and the department/individual they are visiting. Color-coded bracelets will be provided for all who pass the screening. Individuals experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or who have been exposed to a person who has tested positive will be directed to contact their health care provider or their local County Department of Public Health for instructions.

    The College will work with the County Department of Public Health to assist with their contact tracing procedures. Several employees have completed the Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Contact Tracing certificate course.



  • The College is taking a number of precautions and proactive steps to ensure that the campus environment is as clean, sanitized, and safe as possible, including:

    • UVGI technology has been installed into the HVAC system to eliminate all viruses. Air handlers have been adjusted to increase the movement of air throughout campus buildings, and air filter changing will be conducted with greater frequency. Weather permitting, windows will be open as much as possible to increase the flow of fresh air.
    • Several initiatives have been implemented to ensure thorough cleaning and disinfecting of facilities, including the purchase of four Clorox 360 units; training for custodial staff in NYSDOH, CDC, and EPA protocols for cleaning; and increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, bathrooms, and dining areas.
    • Acrylic barriers have been installed in high traffic offices, and hand sanitizer is available throughout campus. Waiting areas have been removed or rearranged to ensure social distancing.
    • Signage requiring masks, social distancing and hand washing is posted throughout the campus.
    • Disposable mouse and keyboard covers are being used on shared computers (i.e. computer labs).

Course Delivery

  • Real-time remote means the instructor will deliver their course lecture from a classroom on campus or another location (i.e. home office) via Microsoft Teams (similar to Zoom). The course will be “real-time” and all students enrolled in that course will be interacting with the faculty member and other students during the scheduled course time.

  • You should log into Student Online Services to view your class schedule.

    • Section numbers that begin with R will be conducted real-time remote during your regularly scheduled class time. Example EN 111 – R1.
    • Section numbers that begin with V or S will be the traditional online where you will log in on your own time. For example, EN 111 – V1 or EN 112 – SO1
    • All other section numbers will be on-campus, in-person classes or labs meeting during your regularly scheduled class time.

    For assistance accessing Student Online Services, please email help@herkimer.edu.

  • Computer labs will be available to students to complete their work, and a limited number of laptops will be available for loaning to students in need. We will be surveying registered students to identify challenges they may have with technology, and then contacting them in an effort to provide solutions.

    If you have other technology concerns or issues, please be sure to contact our Information Technology department at help@herkimer.edu, as we want to help all students be successful.

  • Real-time remote classes will be delivered via Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams will be provided by the college at no cost to the student. Instructions for accessing real-time remote classes, as well as several other resources, are available on the Student Resources section of the website.

    If you need any technical assistance with Microsoft Teams setup, contact our help desk at help@herkimer.edu or 315-866-0300, ext. 8555.

  • Please contact our Helpdesk at help@herkimer.edu or 315-866-0300, x8555. We will do our best to provide assistance and/or suggestions.

  • Faculty will maintain office hours virtually via Microsoft Teams. Students can make appointments with their faculty and advisors through Starfish.

    Tutoring will be available by appointment in the Academic Support Center in-person and virtually.

Facial Coverings/Social Distancing/Testing

  • Yes, for everyone’s protection, you will be required to wear a face mask/face covering at all times in on-campus, in-person classes, as well as when inside campus buildings (excluding your own apartment) even when social distancing is maintained.

  • You may use your own cloth or commercial mask, provided that it completely covers your nose and mouth and meets the minimum NYS Department of Health requirements for face covering.

  • If you are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, you must complete a request form (your healthcare provider is required to complete and sign as well), submit it to the Dean of Students Office, and appropriate arrangements will be made. (The same practice will be in place for employees, however, they will complete an employee form and submit it to the Human Resources Office.)

  • Student support services such as academic advisement, career services, academic support services and personal counseling will be delivered both in-person and remotely. Advance appointments will be required for in-person services, and a variety of tools and flexible schedules are being implemented to provide additional remote services and expand accessibility to services. To learn more about how to access student services, please visit www.herkimer.edu/restart/student-resources-for-fall-2020.

  • Upon notification of a positive test result, contact tracing begins immediately. Class schedules and rosters are pulled, and individuals who may have been exposed to the individual are notified. Several campus staff have been trained to assist the Department of Health with contact tracing. 

    Residential students who test positive may decide to return home, but if they cannot return home, they will be moved to an apartment set up for isolation. Students and employees who have tested positive must provide written documentation from a medical provider before they will be allowed to return to campus.

  • If a student tests positive after classes begin, the College and the Department of Health will immediately begin working together on contact tracing and making determinations related to quarantine and transitioning classes to virtual.

  • SUNY has mandated that any student who will be on campus for any reason during the Spring 2021 semester MUST participate in COVID Surveillance Testing.  Testing will be done on a weekly basis and failure to comply with this directive could result in your removal from on-campus classes, on-campus employment, athletic teams and on-campus housing or suspension/dismissal from the College.  To help ensure we maintain compliance with this important SUNY mandate, please note the following:

    You must register for the testing at www.suny-covid-test.com prior to arriving for testing. When registering you must provide health insurance information.  Please know that Herkimer College is providing this testing without charge to all students.  While you will never be charged for this testing, the health insurance information is a requirement.  Please contact the Dean of Students Office if you or your parents/guardians do not have health insurance.

    You must bring your Herkimer Student ID card every time you test.

    Please do not brush your teeth or use mouthwash 3 hours prior to testing.

    Do not eat, drink, smoke or vape 30 minutes prior to testing.  This includes mints, throat lozenges and water.

    Testing will be available in the Cogar Gallery in the Robert McLaughlin College Center during the following times:

    • Monday - Thursday, 9 am - 2 pm
    • Monday, 4 pm - 5:45 pm

    Testing groups are as follows:


    • Campus Meadows - Bldgs. A & B
    • Reservoir Run - Bldgs.1 & 2
    • Softball, Men’s Soccer (athletes that live on campus MUST test with their respective residential building)
    • Commuter students with last names beginning with the letters A - D



    • Campus Meadows - Bldgs. C & D
    • College Hill - Bldgs. 1 & 4
    • Track and Field (athletes that live on campus MUST test with their respective residential building)
    • Police Academy
    • PTA
    • Commuter students with last names beginning with the letters E - L


    • Campus Meadows - Bldgs. F & G
    • College Hill Building 2
    • Women’s Soccer, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Basketball, Lacrosse, Tennis, Volleyball (athletes that live on campus MUST test with their respective residential building)
    • Commuter students with last names beginning with the letters M - S


    • Campus Meadows - Bldgs. H & J
    • Reservoir Run - Bldgs. 3 & 4
    • Baseball, Bowling, Golf & Cross Country (athletes that live on campus MUST test with their respective residential building)
    • Commuter students with last names beginning with the letters T - Z

    If you have previously tested positive for COVID-19, you must contact the Dean of Students Office to discuss how your testing may differ.

    If your employer requires COVID testing, you may be excused from testing if you bring proof of the negative results of that test.  Please note:  If your employer does not conduct testing on a weekly basis, you must participate in the College’s surveillance testing during the weeks you are not tested at work.

    If you are not able to test on your scheduled day, you must contact the Dean of Students Office to adjust your testing schedule.  Please email DeanofStudents@Herkimer.edu or call 315.574.4009.

Student Accounts (Billing)

  • Student bills should be settled no later than January 25, 2021 for the spring term. We accept checks and money orders through the mail, and encourage online payments. Online payments can be made at www.herkimer.edu/payment. You can also set up a payment plan at www.herkimer.edu/payment.

    If you need a paper copy of your billing statement, please email bursar@herkimer.edu. Student charges and financial aid award estimates are available through Student Online Services. A paper bill is often the best way to see how much is owed, as the charges and financial aid estimates are presented in an easy-to-understand fashion. Paper bills will be generated and mailed in early January.

  • If you need to speak with someone in the Student Accounts Office, please call 315-574-4018. We can also meet with you virtually using Microsoft Teams – we would need you to call us to set that up.

  • Herkimer County residents are not required to have their residency forms notarized this semester. Please simply scan and email the form to bursar@herkimer.edu or mail it to Herkimer College, Office of Student Accounts, 100 Reservoir Road, Herkimer, NY 13350.

    Out-of-county residents are required to have their certificate of residency forms notarized. We do have a notary on staff in the Student Accounts Office; call or email our office to make an appointment. Another option is to have your residency application form notarized at a bank, mail to your appropriate county to obtain the Certificate of Residence (COR), and then email a copy of the COR to bursar@herkimer.edu or mail to Herkimer College, Office of Student Accounts, 100 Reservoir Road, Herkimer, NY 13350.

    There will also be a drop box for forms for the Student Accounts and Registrar’s offices outside of our office suite.

Financial Aid

  • You can scan and email documents to: finaid@herkimer.edu or you can send your documents via United States Postal Service. We also have a drop box outside the Financial Aid Office so you can drop off forms there, if necessary. Please note that ALL documents should be signed and include your Herkimer ID #.

  • Please call 315-866-0300 ext. 8484 or email finaid@herkimer.edu as this is the most efficient and safest method.

  • Yes. Please call the Financial Aid Office at 315-574-4035 to set up a virtual meeting with a staff member. We will be utilizing Microsoft Teams (like Zoom).

  • You must schedule in advance for an in-person appointment. Virtual appointments are highly encouraged whenever feasible for the safety of our staff and for yourself.

    In-person appointments may be requested by calling our office at 315-574-4035. When your appointment is confirmed, you will be advised as to the process for when you arrive on campus. Face coverings and social distancing are required.

Bookstore & College ID's

  • The bookstore is open; however, we are operating at reduced capacity and are taking all safety precautions to ensure the safety of our campus community. We recommend you consider ordering your course materials online at Herkimer.bncollege.com. We will ship your order to your home or you may pick up your order in the store.

    If you come to the bookstore to purchase your course materials, please have your printed course schedule with you. To ensure social distancing, the textbook aisles are closed for access and a bookseller will collect all your materials for you. The rest of the store is open for shopping.

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Store Manager, Sarah LeClair at leclairse@herkimer.edu or call us at 315-866-1550.

  • It is best to get your ID card before classes start. ID cards can be obtained at the Campus Safety Office inside the Robert McLaughlin College Center entrance. Students must bring a copy of their class schedule with them to get their ID card.

    If you cannot or prefer not to get your ID card in person, you can email a jpeg photo of yourself along with a copy of a Government photo ID as proof of identity to luppinomj@herkimer.edu.  Campus Safety will issue and mail the ID card to the student.

    For more questions related to ID cards, or to schedule an appointment to get your ID card, call (315) 866-0300 ext. 8616.

On-Campus Housing

  • Students who have paid a housing deposit should have received their room assignments along with their scheduled date and time to move in. It is important that students arrive for their schedule move-in dates/times to ensure social distancing and to reduce delays in COVID testing and other processes.

  • You will be allowed to have one family member assist you with moving into your on-campus apartment.

  • Upon arriving on campus to check in to on-campus housing, students must attest that they have followed a 14-day precautionary quarantine requirement prior to arrival. Students and their family member accompanying them will also be required to complete a health screening questionnaire, and both will be tested with the rapid diagnostic test for COVID-19. Students and their accompanying family member will remain in a designated parking area until test results are confirmed. If the student or family member tests positive, they will be required to return home. Both the student and family member must test negative in order to continue with the move-in process.

  • In this situation, the student and parent will need to return home. We cannot take chances of spreading the virus to others, and we ask for everyone’s cooperation and understanding.

  • RA staff will assist with identifying people who should not be present. Campus Safety has a 24/7 patrol and will respond as necessary. During the evenings on Wednesday through Saturday, we have an outside security company to staff the gates for on-campus housing. We are asking students to be vigilant about this to protect their own community.

  • We will take this on a case-by-case basis. We will be in close communication with the student and their family members.

Out-of-State and International Students

  • Students coming to New York State from designated states must quarantine for 14 days after arriving in New York State. Students must also complete the online health form required by New York State which can be found here. This health form must be completed online, and the student must take a screen shot of the last page and submit a copy to the campus upon arrival. This requirement includes both residential and non-residential students. Out-of-state students must also complete all other required student protocol.

  • Due to the 14-day precautionary quarantine requirements for international students who are not already in the United States, Herkimer College is encouraging international students to remain home and take online classes for the 2020-21 academic year. Students taking online classes from their home countries will be reclassified as online students instead of international students.

Campus Life

  • Students will be allowed to have other residential students visit, but there should be no more than 6 students in an apartment at one time.

    At this time, the majority of student activities are being planned in a virtual format. In-person programming will be conducted when proper precautions can be maintained, and with prior approval by the College’s Executive Council. Students are encouraged to join the Campus Activities Microsoft Team group for updates, and follow the Student Activities office on Facebook and Instagram.

    Student clubs and organizations will meet virtually. Any in-person meetings will require pre- approval from the Director of Student Activities.

    On January 13, 2021, the College announced it would return to intercollegiate athletic competition for the Spring 2021 semester. The Herkimer Generals teams that will compete this spring include baseball, softball, men’s and women’s track and field, men’s and women’s golf, women’s tennis, men’s lacrosse, men’s and women’s bowling, men’s and women’s soccer, and men’s and women’s esports.

  • Counseling services will be available by appointment in person and remotely. Please reach out to the Counseling Center directly to make an appointment or for more information.

  • Social distancing and other safety measures will be in place. Masks will be required, except while sitting at a table. About one-third of the usual number of tables are set up. A limit on the number of people allowed in the cafeteria at one time will be in place. Markers on the floor will indicate where individuals should stand to wait. Self-service for drinks, condiments, toppings, etc. will not be available.