Herkimer College Alerts

Important COVID-19 updates and case tracker are available here.  

Instructions for accessing real-time remote classes are here.

Academic Advisement

Students can access advisement services through *Starfish, college email, Direct Messaging, or Webex:

  • Students can contact academic advisors by making an appointment through their Starfish accounts (preferred, because it allows academic advisors to focus exclusively on each individual student’s specific needs), or by emailing advisementcenter@herkimer.edu. Direct Messaging and Webex have been added to our meeting location choices.
  • Group advisement sessions will be offered through Webex to provide students with a walk-through of the self-registration process. Students can register for these sessions through Starfish.

*Students not yet enrolled in Starfish should do so now. Instructors will be using Starfish to monitor students’ transition to new course delivery methods and communicate with them in regard to their academic performance. It is important for students to see their instructors’ feedback in real time. Contact the Advisement Center (advisementcenter@herkimer.edu) for instructions and tutorials for enrolling in and using the Starfish system.

Students considering withdrawing from a class should communicate their concerns to their instructor before contacting Academic Advisement. Instructors are prepared to help students navigate and adjust to changes in course delivery. Prior to processing course withdrawal requests, Advisement Center staff will contact instructors to determine if dropping their course is in the student’s best interest.

Students considering changing their major should email their request to advisementcenter@herkimer.edu from their college email address (---@herkimer.edu).

  • These requests cannot be processed when submitted from a personal email account.
  • The following information must be included:
    • Student’s full name
    • College ID (H#)
    • The requested major as it is listed in the College Catalog (example: Business Administration AAS); the Catalog is accessible online at: http://herkimer.smartcatalogiq.com/2019-2020-Updated/College-Catalog
    • Other pertinent information the student wants to include. Requests for specific advisors cannot be guaranteed, but accommodations for preferences will be made when possible.