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I am taking a winter/summer mini course. Is there a payment plan?

No. Due to the short length of these semesters, we are unable to accept a payment plan. These classes must be paid in full prior to their start. 

My employer reimburses me for tuition. Can I defer payment of my bill?

That depends.

If the college can directly bill your employer for expenses incurred at Herkimer College, we can show an authorization of this payment and defer payment for the amount that they are sponsoring you for. Students must provide sufficient information for us to defer payment.

If the employer reimburses the employee, the college will not defer payment. Employee reimbursement is just that, the employee pays for the course and the employer reimburses the student. You must make satisfactory payment arrangements prior to the start of classes. 

I already submitted a Certificate of Residence. Why am I being asked to do this again?

The Certificate of Residence is valid for one calendar year. Students must complete this requirement annually. 

Why am I being charged twice for tuition?

New York State residents may see a charge for Resident Tuition and an additional charge for Tuition - no residency. To remove this additional charge, students must obtain and submit a Certificate of Residence from their home county.

How do I track my account online?

You can track your account and make payments online by logging into Student Online Services.

Unsure of what to do, check out the Information Services FAQ’s

Is there a payment plan for my bill?

You may set up a payment plan for the Fall and Spring semesters by utilizing the Tuition Pay plan from Sallie Mae. Information regarding this plan will be included with your fall and/or spring bill and may also be found at